Smart Prop Trader and what they did in the Last 30 Days?

Last 30 Days activities of Smart Prop Trader.

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Greeting Folks. To see how a firm is performing, we take a look at the statistics. We don’t have statistics particularly, but we do have the Last 30 Days activities of Smart Prop Trader. By analyzing the Last 30 Days activities of Smart Prop Trader, we can gain valuable insights into their performance and overall achievements. These activities provide a snapshot of their recent trading strategies, successes, and potential areas for improvement.

In the last 30 days, Smart Prop Trader has:

  • They dad the largest prop firm update the world has ever seen. This update showcased their commitment to innovation and staying ahead of market trends. 
  • Giving out $5 million+ in accounts to their traders. This initiative demonstrates Smart Prop Trader‘s dedication to empowering their traders and providing them with ample opportunities for growth and success. 
  • Lowered all prices starting from $67. This price reduction makes Smart Prop Trader‘s services more accessible and affordable for traders of all levels, attracting a wider range of potential clients. 
  • They increased the max drawdown to 8%. By increasing the maximum drawdown to 8%, Smart Prop Trader allows traders to take on slightly higher risks while maintaining a reasonable level of protection. 
  • Lowered the Phase 1 profit target to 7%. Lowering the Phase 1 profit target to 7% enables traders to achieve their profit goals more quickly, potentially increasing their overall profitability. 

Smart Prop Trader and what they did in the last 30 Days?

Some more activities are as follows:

  • Created the industry’s best prop firm scaling plan up to 28% drawdown. This scaling plan allows traders to gradually increase their trading size, demonstrating consistent profitability while maintaining a maximum drawdown of 28%. 
  • Provided relief to countless traders getting scammed by other prop firms. By offering a trustworthy and reliable platform, traders can feel secure and confident in their trading activities, avoiding the risk of falling victim to fraudulent practices. 
  • Became the ONLY ‘Smart’ Prop. Their unique approach sets them apart from other prop firms, ensuring that their traders have a competitive edge in the market. 
  • Had a second large update to reward their funded traders.
  • Increased the funded trader profit split to 85%. With this increased profit split, their traders can now enjoy even greater financial rewards for their trading skills and efforts. 
  • Decreased the minimum trading days once funded to receive a payout to 12 days. This update reflects their commitment to providing a supportive and rewarding environment for their funded traders. 
  • Gave $50,001 to Water Charity.
  • Worked with RyanTrahan, Mr. Beast, and others to provide lasting clean access to water for 80,000 people.
  • Giving out $100’s of thousands to traders in payouts.
  • Funded trades with $millions in funded accounts.

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