Smart Prop Trader Review

Smart Prop Trader Review

Smart Prop Trader requires traders to be successful in their two-step evaluation program before being granted access to live-funded accounts and the possibility to earn profit splits. However, since they are only looking to invest in disciplined and talented traders, they have a special set of rules that should be respected at all times.

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Smart Prop Trader is here to make traders’ careers a success while also offering them the best deals and guidance. They have a professional team that has been involved in the trading industry for over ten years.

Smart Prop Trader is committed to supporting and reinforcing your trading profession through the provision of exceptional conditions and expert mentorship. With their extensive 10+ years of experience in the trading sector, their team of professionals has recognized the most efficient strategies and opportunities, which they are passionate about sharing with you to elevate your trading journey. Smart Prop Trader is an initiative aimed at attracting experienced traders, and in order to assess the wanted attributes, they have developed a comprehensive two-part evaluation program. This program consists of the Smart Prop Trader Challenge and the Verification, which was developed to explore and find talented traders within the proprietary trading industry.

Company Details of Smart Prop Trader

Smart Prop Trader is a proprietary trading firm that was established in July 2022 with offices located in Texas, United States. This company is led by Blake Olson. Smart Prop Trader presents traders with an opportunity to engage in a two-step funding program, offering initial account sizes of up to $200,000. Traders are provided trading accounts through the Eightcap broker. As for trading platforms, traders have the flexibility to choose between MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 based on their preferences.

Types of Funding Programs

Smart Prop Trader offers traders worldwide a single funding program with different account sizes to choose from.

Evaluation Challenge

Account SizePrice
Trading ObjectiveTrading Objective Value
Profit Target of Phase 17%
Profit Target of Phase 25%
Daily Drawdown4%
Maximum Drawdown8% (Can Scale up to 28%)
Minimum Trading DaysNo Minimum Trading Day Requirements
Maximum Trading PeriodNo Time Limit in Phase 1
No Time Limit in Phase 2
Profit Share80% – 90%

Customer Support

Live Chat✔️
FAQFAQ Section

Trustpilot Rating

Smart Prop Trader can also be found on Trustpilot, where their community has awarded them an excellent rating. With 2,320 comments from their satisfied users, Smart Prop Trader maintains an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5. Notably, an impressive 90% of the community members have rated their services with a maximum of five stars.

Where to Find Smart Prop Trader?

Smart Prop Trader can be found on various social media platforms.


In conclusion, Smart Prop Trader is a reputable proprietary trading firm providing traders with the flexibility to select from an evaluation program with different account sizes based on their individual preferences. Notably, they have collected an excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.7/5, reflecting the positive feedback from their community. In addition, Smart Prop Trader can also be found across various social media platforms, allowing you to follow them and stay informed about their latest updates. After carefully evaluating all aspects of its offerings, Smart Prop Trader can be considered one of the best proprietary trading firms in the industry.

Smart Prop Trader Review Details

Trading Platforms
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Trading Programs

Account size up to:   $2,500,000

Funding Opportunities
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Customer Support
Community Feedback
8.0 Overall Rating

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Smart Prop Trader Review