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Smart Prop Trader has new updates to share!

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Smart Prop Trader has some incredible new Updates to share! How would traders feel if, by updates, a prop firm makes it easier for them to get their Payout? And not just a more accessible payout but a New Base Percentage increase?

Traders would likely feel relieved and appreciative if a prop firm’s updates streamlined the payment process. This would not only save them valuable time and effort but also enhance their overall trading experience, allowing them to focus more on their strategies and goals. Traders would undoubtedly be thrilled if a prop firm not only made it easier to receive their Payout but also implemented a New Base Percentage increase. This would not only provide them with financial benefits but also incentivize and reward their hard work and success.

Such an update would undoubtedly boost trader morale and motivation, leading to even more productive and profitable trading activities. If you agree with us, then you are in for a treat. Many traders would appreciate a prop firm that values their efforts and offers a more attractive payout structure. A New Base Percentage increase would attract skilled traders and encourage them to stay with the firm and continue performing at their best.

Smart Prop Trader Shares New Updates!

So, Smart Prop Trader has Some new updates shared as follows: 

The minimum Days to Receive Payouts is not 14 but 12 now. This change in the payout structure reflects Smart Prop Trader‘s commitment to providing traders with faster access to their earnings. By reducing the minimum days to receive payouts from 14 to 12, traders can enjoy a quicker turnaround time, further enhancing their motivation and satisfaction. This improvement benefits existing traders and serves as an enticing factor for skilled traders looking for a prop firm that values their time and efforts. 

The payout Percentage is 85%, not 80%. This higher payout percentage demonstrates Smart Prop Trader‘s dedication to rewarding traders for their successful trades and performance. By offering a competitive payout rate of 85%, traders can maximize their earnings and feel confident in their partnership with the firm. This adjustment in the payout structure sets Smart Prop Trader apart from other firms. It positions them as a top choice for traders seeking financial success and efficient payout processes. 

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  • The minimum Days to Receive Payouts is not 14 but 12 now.
  • The payout Percentage is 85%, not 80%.

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