Young Trader Bilal Achieves Payout with Fidelcrest- An Interview

19-year-old Bilal from Leeds, has not only defied his age but has also achieved a significant payout of $5,318 with Fidelcrest- Interview.

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In a recent interview, 19-year-old Bilal from Leeds, United Kingdom, shared that he has not only defied his age but has also achieved a significant payout of $5,318 with Fidelcrest. Bilal’s journey into trading began through a friend who followed signals and made substantial profits.

Intrigued by the potential, Bilal joined in but faced significant losses when following signals. Determined not to repeat the same mistakes, he took matters into his own hands, learning the ropes of trading.

Inspiration struck when Bilal discovered TikTok creator TJ, whose style of trading involving a mix of price action and ICT concepts resonated with him. Leveraging this newfound knowledge, Bilal managed to turn his losses into gains, gaining profitability within a year.

Young Trader Bilal Achieves Impressive Payout with Fidelcrest- An Interview

Discussing his trading strategy, Bilal emphasizes a meticulous approach. He primarily focuses on gold and GBP/USD pairs, employing a strategy that involves analyzing daily timeframes for trends, looking for breaks of structure, and utilizing order blocks or fair value gaps.

Despite being a full-time student with an apprenticeship in construction, Bilal showcases remarkable time management skills. Balancing work, university, and trading, he attributes his success to sleepless nights and dedication.

Sharing his experience with Fidelcrest, Bilal highlights the excellent support provided by the platform. Unlike other firms, Fidelcrest’s swift response time and zero minimum trading days have contributed to its success.

Offering advice to fellow traders, Bilal urges patience and warns against rushing into trades. He encourages new traders to trade with real money from the start, as the emotional aspect is crucial in developing effective trading skills.

Looking ahead, Bilal contemplates sharing his trading journey on social media platforms. While he currently refrains from posting videos, he acknowledges the potential to create a Telegram channel in the future.

Key Points

  • Bilal, a 19-year-old trader from Leeds, UK, achieves an impressive $5,318 payout within a year with Fidelcrest.
  • Starting with losses following signals, Bilal took control of his trading education, learning from mistakes and turning losses into gains.
  • Inspired by TikTok creator TJ, Bilal adopted a successful trading style, incorporating price action and ICT concepts.
  • Bilal emphasizes a meticulous approach, focusing on gold and GBP/USD pairs, analyzing daily timeframes, and utilizing order blocks.
  • Bilal manages his time effectively, crediting Fidelcrest’s support, quick responses, and zero minimum trading days for his success.

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