True Forex Funds Interview with Lendberg- Mastering GBP/USD

Lendberg is a trader affiliated with True Forex Funds, and he recently shared insights into his trading journey in this Interview.

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In today’s news, we bring you an exclusive interview with a remarkable trader. Lendberg is a trader affiliated with True Forex Funds, and he recently shared insights into his trading journey and strategies that have led to significant success in this Interview.

Lendberg, a seasoned trader from Austria, has achieved remarkable results through scalping, managing to earn an impressive €40,000 in just three months. He sat down with us to shed light on his trading journey and the path that led him to success.

His background in software engineering has proven to be a significant advantage, allowing him to better understand trading strategies and algorithms. His trading style revolves around deciphering the Central Bank algorithm, providing him with unique insights into the market.

True Forex Funds Interview with Lendberg- Mastering GBP/USD

Lendberg’s journey was not without its challenges. He recalled dropping out of school, and his initial foray into trading was through multi-level marketing schemes related to Forex. However, he quickly realized that this was not the ideal path. These early experiences set him on a path of self-discovery and learning.

When it comes to trading psychology, Lendberg emphasizes the importance of building a strong belief system in one’s trading strategy. He shared his approach to handling losses, noting that it’s essential to use failures as opportunities for growth. Lendberg’s experience has taught him to manage risk effectively and trade with precision, enabling him to overcome losses and come back stronger.

Lendberg’s journey also led him to explore proprietary trading firms, and he offered valuable insights into his experiences with them. He has encountered both successes and challenges in his interactions with such firms but eventually found True Forex Funds, a firm that has met his expectations with favorable spreads and an environment that suits his trading style.

Despite trading with True Forex Funds for only three months, Lendberg’s background and expertise allowed him to opt for one of the largest account sizes, a €60,000 EUR account, before progressing to their funded program. He has demonstrated impressive consistency in making profits and recently cashed out $40,000 in just three months.

Key Points

  • Lendberg, a trader with True Forex Funds, achieved impressive success with €40,000 in three months through scalping.
  • His background in software engineering has been instrumental in understanding trading strategies and algorithms, particularly the Central Bank algorithm.
  • Lendberg’s journey involved overcoming challenges, including dropping out of school and initial involvement in Forex-related multi-level marketing.
  • Despite only three months with True Forex Funds, Lendberg’s expertise allowed him to manage a €60,000 EUR account and cash out $40,000 in profits.

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