Trading Wisdom with Evan: Patience, Process, & Profits at TFT

In an exclusive interview with TFT, Evan, a seasoned trader funded with $200,000, reveals the highs and lows of his trading journey

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In an exclusive interview with TFT, Evan, a seasoned trader funded with $200,000, reveals the highs and lows of his trading journey, shedding light on key lessons and strategies.

Evan’s journey into trading began shortly after high school, sparked by curiosity and influenced by stories of successful traders. Despite initial setbacks, he took a serious plunge into trading about two years ago.

Starting with live funds on platforms like Robin Hood, Evan faced initial losses, particularly following trading signals. His quest for a more stable approach led him to TFT, where he embraced the challenge of using larger capital.

Trading Wisdom with Evan: Patience, Process, & Profits at TFT

Evan candidly shared his struggle with psychology, a common hurdle for many traders. The emotional rollercoaster of wins and losses affected his mindset, leading to a cycle of overconfidence and self-doubt.

Diverging from conventional risk management, Evan adopts a confluency grade scale. He categorizes trades into A+ and B grades based on confluences, adjusting his risk accordingly. He dynamically loads more risk as trades progress positively.

Primarily trading gold, Evan employs a pullback strategy, seeking entry points at key levels. His analysis relies solely on price action, discarding traditional indicators like RSI and MACD.

Evan emphasizes the importance of detachment from monetary outcomes and distractions. Shifting his mindset to focus on the trading process rather than immediate gains, he advocates for patience and diligence.

Sharing his insights, Evan advises fellow traders to cut unnecessary distractions, maintain focus, and treat trading as a journey rather than a destination.

Key Points

  • Evan, a seasoned trader, reveals his $200,000 trading journey in an exclusive TFT interview.
  • Inspired post-high school, Evan overcame setbacks to dive into trading two years ago.
  • Starting with Robin Hood, Evan shifted to TFT for a stable approach with more capital.
  • Evan shares struggles with trading psychology and dealing with emotional rollercoasters.
  • Using a confluency grade scale, Evan trades gold with a focus on patience and detachment.

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