Trader’s Interview- Scales Up $150K Account with The 5%ers!

Heri, a talented trader from The 5%ers, has successfully passed and scaled up his Bootcamp.

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In a recent trader’s interview, Heri, a talented trader from The 5%ers, has successfully passed and scaled up his Bootcamp account to an impressive $150,000 funded account. His outstanding trading skills and dedication have earned him recognition within the prop industry. Now, he sets his sights on a 5% profit target, aiming to elevate his account to an astonishing $175,000.

Heri’s journey from a seasoned professional in financial planning, control, and business development in agro-industry and retail business to becoming a full-time trader is nothing short of inspiring. Equipped with a degree in Mathematics and a master’s in Business, he embarked on a trading journey four years ago. He dedicated the last two years to honing his trading skills.

The 5%ers Trader’s Interview

To achieve success, Heri adopts a meticulous and comprehensive approach to trading. Starting with a big-picture analysis, he assesses currency strength before delving into trend analysis across multiple timeframes – 1D (daily), 4H (four hours), and 1H (one hour). This thorough cycle analysis enables him to identify trending currency pairs and make informed decisions with favorable risk-reward ratios.

Heri’s path to success was not without its challenges. After undergoing a mentorship program, he spent over a year refining his trading approach. Focused on chart analysis and consistently adhering to his well-planned trading strategy, he eventually overcame obstacles and made significant strides in his trading journey.

In the early stages, Heri faced difficulties with consecutive losses over three years. Nevertheless, his tenacity led him to seek guidance from a mentor. This marked a turning point in his trading career. By grasping the intricacies of market structures and incorporating them into his trading plan, Heri saw notable improvements in his trading results.

Thrilled by his recent achievement, Heri remains thankful for the opportunities offered by The 5%ers. He is determined to reach his next milestone of a 5% profit, which would elevate his funded account to an impressive $175,000. His consistent dedication and systematic approach have positioned him for continued success in the financial markets.

Heri’s journey toward his next objective serves as a shining example of perseverance and learning from setbacks. The world of trading demands resilience and continuous education. Heri’s accomplishments epitomize the rewards of staying committed to one’s goals.

His story inspires countless aspiring traders to navigate the challenges of the market with determination and unwavering focus. 

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Key Points

  • Heri, a talented trader from The 5%ers, scaled up his Bootcamp account to an impressive $150,000 funded account.
  • Heri’s meticulous approach involves big-picture analysis and trend analysis on multiple timeframes (1D, 4H, 1H) to identify trending currency pairs with favorable risk-reward ratios.
  • Mentorship helped him refine his trading strategy, leading to notable improvements in his results.
  • Now, he aims for a 5% profit to reach an impressive $175,000 funded account, demonstrating dedication and a systematic approach.
  • Heri’s journey inspires aspiring traders to navigate the market with focus and determination.

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