The Mind of a Successful Trader: Tuyen P. and The5ers Interview

The5ers recently conducted an insightful interview with one of their standout traders, Tuyen P. Read about it all!

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The5ers recently conducted an insightful interview with one of their standout traders, Tuyen P. The 45-year-old from Vietnam has become a significant figure in The5ers community, being one of their $125K High-Stakes funded traders and earning $13,513 across three payouts. His journey, strategies, and advice offer valuable lessons for aspiring traders.

Tuyen, who also works as a software programmer, began exploring Forex trading about ten years ago but only started serious trading in 2021. Initially, his trading journey was fraught with challenges, leading to more failures than successes. Combined with the stress from his programming job, he took a break from trading in 2023. However, he resumed at the beginning of 2024, choosing The5ers as his prop firm to support his trading ambitions.

The Mind of a Successful Trader: Tuyen P. and The5ers Interview

Describing his trading plan, Tuyen focuses on trading during the London and New York sessions, utilizing high timeframes such as H1 and above. He prefers a minimalist approach, avoiding most indicators except for moving averages to determine average prices. “I feel very comfortable with my naked chart analysis,” Tuyen said, emphasizing how this approach allows him to make quick and informed decisions.

One of the significant challenges Tuyen faced was navigating drawdown phases, where his strategies led to temporary losses. “It’s common for me to go through drawdown phases,” he admitted. Tuyen overcame these periods by strictly adhering to his tested strategies and practicing rigorous capital management, which he considers essential for survival in the trading world.

To successfully pass The5ers’ evaluation, Tuyen combined short-term trading with a focus on supply-demand zones and Price Action on high timeframes. He believes that technical analysis is just one part of the equation, with discipline, psychology, and risk management being equally crucial. “I still keep improving myself daily,” Tuyen remarked.

Key Points

  • The5ers interviewed standout trader Tuyen P., a significant figure in their community.
  • Tuyen, a 45-year-old from Vietnam, has earned $13,513 across three payouts as a $125K High-Stakes funded trader.
  • He began serious trading in 2021 after a decade of exploring Forex and faced many challenges.
  • Tuyen resumed trading in 2024 with The5ers, using a minimalist approach focused on high timeframes.
  • He emphasizes strict strategy adherence and risk management, which helped him pass The5ers’evaluation and succeed.

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