The 5%ers Interview with Rasolofoniain $100K Funded Trader?

A successful trader from Antananarivo, Madagascar, shared his inspiring journey.

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In a recent interview with The 5%ers, Rasolofoniain, a successful trader from Antananarivo, Madagascar, shared his inspiring journey into the trading world and his path to achieving consistency.

Rasolofoniain, a married father of two, defied conventional expectations by transitioning from his background as an Industrial Engineer to becoming a full-time trader. He spent six years at the École Supérieure Polytechnique d’Antananarivo, honing his engineering skills before venturing into the world of trading markets.

Rasolofoniain embarked on his trading journey three years ago but found his stride in early 2022 when he began trading with prop firms, such as The 5%ers. He credits his success to a straightforward trading plan centered around the SMC strategy, with some personal adjustments. But, as he points out, a trading strategy is only as effective as the psychology and risk management that support it. Rasolofoniain strongly emphasizes risk management and has learned to keep his emotions in check throughout his trading career.

The 5%ers Interview Rasolofoniain

The 5%ers Interview with Rasolofoniain

Like many aspiring traders, Rasolofoniain initially harbored dreams of rapid wealth accumulation. However, his journey has been marked by setbacks, losing accounts, and starting over multiple times. Through these trials, he came to appreciate the true challenges of trading. Money gradually became secondary, and his focus shifted to learning and refining his trading skills. His dedication to his strategy and disciplined risk management practices proved key in overcoming these obstacles.

Rasolofoniain’s approach to risk management is as simple as it is effective. He avoids excessive risk-taking, except when emotions threaten to cloud his judgment – a relatable trait for many traders. Typically, he opens just one position per day, sets stop-loss and take-profit levels, and then steps away from the screen, intentionally avoiding the temptation to make impulsive changes.

Rasolofoniain reflects on his journey, noting that he feels comfortable with his trading approach. However, he underscores the ever-evolving trading world, demanding constant learning and adaptation. He acknowledges that becoming a consistent trader is a continuous process. You can read his full story by clicking here.

Key Points 

  • Rasolofoniain, an engineer turned trader, shared his journey with The 5%ers.
  • He stressed the importance of psychology and risk management in trading success.
  • Rasolofoniain learned the hard way that trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme.
  • His risk management strategy involves minimal risk, except in emotional moments.
  • He highlighted the need for continuous learning in the evolving world of trading.

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