Tharindu, the Trader: An Inspiring Interview at The 5%ers

Rex from the United States of America opened up about his remarkable journey.

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Tharindu, a remarkable trader from Sri Lanka, has taken the Prop world by storm with his impressive achievements shared in the Interview at The 5%ers. His journey into the world of trading is an inspiring tale of dedication and persistence.

Tharindu’s foray into trading began in 2018 when he stumbled upon trading lessons on YouTube. The captivating lessons sparked his interest and fueled his passion to explore the intricate world of trading further. With a background in mathematics, he dove into complex trading concepts such as chart balance, liquidity, supply and demand, and more. 

To ensure a smooth transition, he saved two years’ worth of capital in his bank account, providing a safety net to cover living expenses. This decision laid the foundation for his successful full-time trading career.

Tharindu, the Trader: An Inspiring Interview at The 5%ers

One unique aspect of Tharindu’s strategy is his reliance on a trailing stop strategy. He lets his winning trades run and trails his stop loss as the market moves in his favor. This approach has yielded impressive results, with a remarkable risk-reward ratio of 1:3 and a win rate of 70%.

Tharindu’s success with The 5%ers is exemplified through his exceptional performance in the Two-Step program. He chose the Two-Step challenge after a positive experience with a previous trading company. His aggressive trading style allows him to achieve target profits quickly, making him a perfect fit for this program.

His journey at The 5%ers has been marked by remarkable statistics. In his initial account with a 60k capital, Tharindu managed to maintain a 70% win rate and a positive risk-reward ratio, showcasing a 3:1 ratio in favor of profit. He emphasizes the importance of adhering to strict risk management rules to sustain his success.

Key Points

  • Tharindu, a trader from Sri Lanka, has achieved remarkable success at The 5%ers.
  • He started his trading journey in 2018, driven by YouTube lessons and a background in mathematics.
  • Tharindu ensured a smooth transition to full-time trading by saving two years’ worth of capital.
  • His unique strategy includes a trailing-stop approach with a 1:3 risk-reward ratio and a 70% win rate.
  • Tharindu excelled in The 5%ers’ Two-Step program, showcasing adaptability and resilience as a trader.

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