Thabiso Cele- FundedNext Trader Interview, Shares Strategies!

In an exclusive birthday interview, Thabiso Cele, a seasoned trader associated with FundedNext, opened up about his trading expertise.

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In an exclusive birthday interview, Thabiso Cele, a seasoned trader associated with FundedNext, opened up about his trading expertise and the secrets to his success. Celebrating his 26th birthday today, Thabiso generously shared valuable insights into the world of trading.

Originally from Kiden, Thabiso has been a dedicated full-time trader for the past three years, honing his skills in the financial markets. His primary focus is on commodities, particularly gold and the US30 index.

Thabiso identifies as a day trader with an average hold time of three to four hours. He leans towards the London session, emphasizing the importance of gold and US30’s volatility for his trading strategy.

Thabiso Cele, Accomplished FundedNext Trader, Unveils Winning Strategies

Thabiso’s unique strategy revolves around supply and demand trading. His approach involves meticulous analysis of high timeframes to gauge overall market sentiment. Weekly charts are marked with key levels, followed by trendline analysis on smaller timeframes for precise entry points.

During the interview, Thabiso walked through recent trades, providing a glimpse into his analytical process. He highlighted a trade where he identified a potential reversal by waiting for a failure to break a lower low, showcasing the significance of patience and confirmation.

Thabiso adopts a disciplined risk management strategy, typically risking 1% to 2% per trade. Despite psychological challenges associated with reversals, he maintains a commitment to achieving a minimum risk-reward ratio of 1:3.

Thabiso exclusively utilizes MT5 under FundedNext, expressing contentment with its performance. While specific metrics were not disclosed, Thabiso assured the audience of his ongoing efforts to refine his strategy for optimal trading performance.

Key Points

  • Thabiso Cele, a seasoned trader with FundedNext, shared trading insights on his 26th birthday.
  • Originally from Kiden, Thabiso has dedicated three years to full-time trading, focusing on commodities like gold and the US30 index.
  • As a day trader, Thabiso emphasizes the London session and the volatility of gold and US30 in his trading strategy.
  • Thabiso’s unique approach centers on supply and demand trading, with meticulous analysis of high and low timeframes for precise entries.
  • Thabiso, committed to a disciplined risk management strategy, typically risks 1% to 2% per trade, aiming for a minimum 1:3 risk-reward ratio.

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