TFT’s Latest Podcast Episode- Arman and his Journey & Struggles!

In TFT’s latest podcast episode, Angelo engages in a captivating conversation with Arman!

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In TFT’s latest podcast episode, Angelo engages in a captivating conversation with Arman Sangha, a highly accomplished trader. He shares his remarkable journey to proficiency in the trading world. Arman’s story is one of determination, perseverance, and passion for the markets.

During the podcast, Arman reveals his impressive achievement of making a $50,000 profit with TFT (The Funded Trader) over the past year. His success is a testament to his trading skills and strategic approach.

Arman’s journey began at 16 when he stumbled upon the world of trading. Motivated to achieve financial independence, he delved into cryptocurrencies and forex trading, spending countless hours backtesting different strategies. Despite initial setbacks, his passion for trading only grew stronger.

TFT’s Podcast- Journey and Struggles of Arman!

After exploring various business ventures, including dropshipping and Amazon FBA, Arman found his true calling in prop trading. He honed his skills, focusing on the NASDAQ market with a unique five-minute timeframe strategy. Developing his custom session, starting 30 minutes after the New York open, he analyzed a smaller portion of the chart daily, allowing for better focus and decision-making.

Arman’s dedication paid off when he secured a funded account at 18. A year later, he continues to impress with consistent profits and impressive payouts across various prop firm accounts. His trading approach, backed by a solid mental framework, has set him apart as a force to be reckoned with in the trading community.

Apart from trading, Arman is also embarking on a journey into the world of social media. Inspired by prominent traders like Andrew Tate and Paladin, he plans to start a YouTube channel, and Instagram account to share his trading insights and experiences. He aims to inspire and educate others in pursuing financial freedom through this venture.

Arman’s focus on establishing credibility in the trading community is evident as he dives into his plans for building a solid social media presence. He aims to use platforms like YouTube and Instagram to educate and inspire others on their trading journeys.

What Sets Arman Apart?

His unique trading system sets Arman apart, a product of his dedication to mastering the craft. He has ingeniously combined elements from various mainstream strategies to create a method that works exceptionally well for him.

Throughout the conversation, Arman candidly shares insights into his trading psychology on the charts. His mental framework and consistent mindset have been instrumental in his achievements as a trader.

As the podcast unfolds, Arman gives a glimpse into what the future holds for the prop firm industry. His experiences and perspectives offer valuable lessons to traders and enthusiasts alike. Arman’s incredible transition from exploring multiple business ventures to becoming a trading prodigy is an inspiration for young traders embarking on similar journeys.

Take advantage of this captivating podcast episode featuring Arman Sangha, a rising star in the trading universe.

Key Points

  • Arman Sangha shares a $50,000 profit made with TFT last year.
  • He’s focused on establishing credibility and a social media presence to educate and inspire others.
  • Arman developed his unique trading system, combining elements from various strategies.
  • His trading psychology and consistency have been critical to his success.
  • Arman offers valuable insights into the future of the prop firm industry.

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