TFT Trader Interview with Aldin- Prioritizing Knowledge over Profits!

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The world of proprietary is often shrouded in mystery and challenge, where a select few seem to grasp the elusive secrets of the trading markets. One such individual is Aldin Davey, who has risen from being a trading novice to a remarkable success story with The Funded Trader (TFT) in this recent interview.

Aldin Davey, a trader hailing from Toronto, has captivated the trading world with his awe-inspiring journey. He exemplifies the life-changing potential of trading, not just in terms of financial success but as a profound form of personal development and self-discovery.

Aldin’s journey began in the world of trading when he was introduced to it through a network marketing company called Wealth Generators. However, he soon realized that it was more about recruiting than acquiring real trading education.

TFT Trader Interview with Aldin- Prioritizing Knowledge over Profits!

As he continued his journey, Aldin benefited from the wisdom of mentors such as Ryan and Q Banks. Their guidance was instrumental in helping him navigate the complex world of trading. Finding consistency through rigorous backtesting and his commitment to the process, Aldin gradually found his trading edge.

For Aldin, the journey was not just about mastering the technical aspects of trading. It also involved a profound exploration of his own psyche. Trading, he believes, is akin to therapy, uncovering aspects of one’s mindset and psychology that remain hidden in other pursuits.

The biggest challenge Aldin faced was in the domain of money management. He admits that he used to hold onto losing trades for too long while cutting his winning trades short. Overcoming this challenge required a shift in his approach, emphasizing effective money management and risk-reward ratios.

In his own words, Aldin believes in setting “ridiculously high” goals, aiming for the stars. Even if he falls short, he’s still far ahead of where he started. It’s this unwavering determination and faith that have driven his success.

As he aptly puts it, “Keep pushing and give yourself grace if you don’t hit the goal because we don’t always hit our goals. But we’re continuously aiming to do better, not quitting.”

Here is the full interview:

Key Points

  • Aldin Davey’s remarkable journey from trading novice to TFT success illustrates the life-changing potential of trading.
  • He recognized the need for genuine trading education after initially being involved in recruiting-focused trading.
  • Learning from experienced mentors like Ryan and Q Banks and thorough backtesting was pivotal in finding his trading edge.
  • Beyond technical skills, trading served as a form of therapy, uncovering hidden aspects of his mindset.
  • Effective money management and setting high goals were keys to Aldin’s success and perseverance in trading.

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