TFT Trader Darius Kelemen Shares Insights on Lessons Learned!

In a recent interview with TFT (The Funded Trader), Darius Kelemen, a seasoned trader hailing from Austria, delved into his trading journey.

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In a recent interview with TFT (The Funded Trader), Darius Kelemen, a seasoned trader hailing from Austria, delved into his trading journey, shedding light on the challenges, successes, and key lessons learned over his four-year career.

Darius Kelemen’s foray into trading started with an unconventional introduction through network marketing. A message from a fellow town resident sparked his interest, leading him to join a network marketing company. However, the initial exposure to signals and basic education did not pave the way for profits.

Kelemen revealed his early struggles with poor education, copying signals, and risky trading, which resulted in significant gains followed by swift losses. He emphasized the importance of understanding the market’s inner workings and how he gradually shifted towards a more analytical approach.

TFT Trader Darius Kelemen Shares Insights on Trading Journey and Lessons Learned

As Kelemen continued his journey, he highlighted the pivotal role of mentorships and the discovery of supply and demand concepts. A breakthrough came when he understood the significance of trading against retail traders, targeting liquidity, and recognizing order blocks and imbalances.

Darius Kelemen shared his skepticism regarding smart money concepts, dismissing them as more marketing than effective strategies. He emphasized the psychological aspect of trading and the need to follow meticulously tested rules rather than falling for catchy marketing phrases.

The trader described his “aha” moment as a realization that all trading concepts have relevance, but timing and understanding when they are applicable are key. Backtesting became a crucial part of his process, leading to a deeper understanding of the interbank price delivery algorithm and the importance of identifying A+ setups.

Reflecting on his biggest failures, especially the instances where he lost substantial amounts, Kelemen emphasized the importance of developing confidence in recognizing high-probability setups. He highlighted the significance of risk management, knowing when to increase or decrease risk based on market conditions.

Key Points

  • Darius Kelemen, a TFT trader, shared insights on his four-year journey, starting with network marketing.
  • Despite initial struggles, Kelemen shifted to analytical trading, emphasizing the importance of understanding market dynamics.
  • Mentorships played a key role as Kelemen found success trading against retail traders and identifying liquidity points.
  • He dismissed smart money concepts as marketing, highlighting the need for disciplined rule-following in trading.

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