TFT Trader Ajwad & his Remarkable Journey to Profitability

In an interview with TFT (The Funded Trader), Ajwad, a skilled trader from the UK, shared the captivating story of his journey.

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In an interview with TFT (The Funded Trader), Ajwad, a skilled trader from the UK, shared the captivating story of his journey to becoming a profitable trader. Ajwad, known for his insightful content creation and trading prowess, revealed the challenges and triumphs that shaped his success in the dynamic world of trading.

Ajwad, a 25-year-old trader originally from Pakistan, has been living in London since last year. In an exclusive conversation with TFT, he recounted his early days in trading, highlighting the struggles and moments that led him to where he is today.

The journey began in 2017 when Ajwad, then a computer science student, was introduced to the world of trading by a friend. Intrigued by the possibilities, he initially ventured into binary options before making the strategic shift to Forex trading. With a determination to succeed, Ajwad embarked on a learning journey, enrolling in courses and immersing himself in the intricacies of the market.

TFT Trader Ajwad & his Remarkable Journey to Profitability

Despite facing initial setbacks and blowing multiple accounts, Ajwad’s resilience and commitment to learning propelled him forward. He emphasized the importance of experience in trading, noting that practice and mastery come from repeated engagement with the market.

Ajwad’s turning point came when he discovered FTMO in February 2019, a firm offering funded trading accounts. Through challenges and retrials, he secured a funded account, marking a significant milestone in his trading career. Ajwad acknowledged the difference between managing personal capital and trading with firms, emphasizing the need to adapt and readjust one’s approach.

Reflecting on his failures, Ajwad expressed his regret for not journaling his trades earlier in his journey. He emphasized the value of focusing on a select few currency pairs and avoiding information overload, lessons that proved crucial in overcoming challenges.

Patience emerged as a key skill that Ajwad cultivated on his path to profitability. He stressed the significance of waiting for the right trade opportunities, a lesson he learned from his experiences. Taking a break from trading from January to June allowed him to refresh and approach the market with renewed patience.

Key Points

  • Ajwad, a UK trader, shares his journey to profitability with TFT in an exclusive interview.
  • Originally from Pakistan, the 25-year-old trader is now in London, highlighting his early trading challenges.
  • Introduced to trading in 2017 as a computer science student, Ajwad shifted from binary options to Forex.
  • Despite setbacks, Ajwad’s resilience and commitment to learning propelled him forward in trading.

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