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The Recent interview with TFT features Luigi Abbondandolo.

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The Recent interview with TFT features Luigi Abbondandolo, a successful trader with over four years of experience as a trader. Luigi shares some of his experiences and breaks down his transition into prop trading from just 14. Luigi also shares how past experiences have helped reshape his mindset and changed his thoughts about finances. He then goes on to give an intimate breakdown of his strategy, sharing insights on how to improve consistency.

Luigi’s trading journey began at a remarkably young age. At just 14, he stumbled upon a video featuring a person flaunting wealth earned through trading. Intrigued, Luigi delved deeper and soon invested in courses. Unfortunately, his early days were marked by scams and disappointments.

The Funded Trader (TFT) Interview with Luigi

However, Luigi’s passion for trading only intensified over time. He realized the potential of trading as a career path that rewarded skill and dedication rather than the conventional educational route. This determination drove him to study relentlessly, even forgoing traditional schooling.

His journey took a significant turn when Luigi was 16. He began formal training, seeking out mentors and educational resources. By 18, he had crafted his trading strategy centered around Price Action and Harmonics.

Luigi’s strategy emphasizes reading charts like a storybook, with Price Action as a guide. His preferred techniques are trading false breakouts, engulfing patterns, and classic candlestick patterns like the Morning and Evening Star.

Overcoming emotions and perfecting risk management proved pivotal in Luigi’s journey. He learned to trade with a disciplined approach, favoring a risk-reward ratio of 1:3 or 1:4. By risking only a small percentage of his account on each trade, Luigi has gained control over his emotions and reduced the fear of losing trades.

Luigi advises fellow traders to practice on demo accounts to maintain discipline and manage emotions. This allows for a low-risk environment to hone trading skills without the pressure of real capital. Additionally, keeping a trading journal or notebook is a valuable technique. Writing down trading rules, plans, and checklists helps reinforce discipline and reduces emotional decision-making.

Here is the full interview:

Key Points

  • Luigi Abbondandolo, a successful trader with over four years of experience, shares his trading journey.
  • He started trading at just 14, initially facing scams and disappointments.
  • Luigi’s determination led him to study relentlessly and forgo traditional schooling.
  • His strategy, developed by age 18, focuses on Price Action and Harmonics.
  • Disciplined risk management and practicing on demo accounts are key to his success.

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