TFT Exclusive Trader Interview with Natasha- 10-Year Experience!

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In a candid and insightful TFT interview, Natasha, a seasoned trader with a decade of experience, opened up about her remarkable journey in the world of simulated trading. 

Natasha, hailing from New York, began her trading odyssey with Ninja Trader, reflecting on her humble beginnings. She vividly recalls starting with Ninja Trader and experimenting with various trading strategies. However, her initial attempts were met with challenges as she juggled trading with a full-time job. Natasha humorously remarked, “My job is making me lose money,” leading her to put her trading aspirations on hold temporarily.

The Funded Trader (TFT) Exclusive Interview with Natasha

Years later, Natasha stumbled upon the market-maker method and joined the Pip Society, led by Leo Williams. This newfound strategy offered fresh hope, focusing on analyzing charts through the lens of “M’s” and “W’s,” high-lows of the day, and trades during the London session. Natasha’s dedication led her to set her alarm for the early morning hours, eager to trade before heading to her day job. Her efforts, while commendable, were often met with bleary-eyed moments and occasional trading mishaps.

Despite her resilience, Natasha realized that trading strategies needed to align with her unique personality and lifestyle. This realization prompted her to explore numerous strategies and courses, a phrase familiar to many traders starting out. Natasha candidly shared her journey of consuming a wealth of trading content, a practice that, while informative, sometimes proved overwhelming.

In her quest for the ideal strategy, Natasha spent over five years experimenting with various approaches. She found herself drawn to the concept of smart money, quarter points, key levels, and market structure—a blend that resonated with her trading style. Natasha’s journey into trading proved to be a rollercoaster ride filled with valuable lessons. 

Natasha concluded the interview by sharing her positive experiences with TFT, commending their user-friendly platform, vibrant community, and valuable promotions. She also discussed her ongoing transition to trading with prop firms, acknowledging the challenges and benefits of adhering to their rules and guidelines.

Here is the full Interview:

Key Points

  • Natasha, a seasoned trader, shares her 10-year simulated trading journey in a TFT interview.
  • Starting with Ninja Trader, she experimented with trading strategies while working a full-time job.
  • Natasha’s dedication led her to the market-maker method, focusing on chart analysis using “M’s” and “W’s.”
  • She emphasized the importance of finding trading strategies that align with one’s personality and lifestyle.
  • Natasha commends TFT for its user-friendly platform, vibrant community, and valuable promotions while also discussing her transition to prop trading.

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