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In an exclusive TFT interview, Trader Ahmad from Malaysia revealed his remarkable journey

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In an exclusive TFT interview, Trader Ahmad from Malaysia revealed his remarkable journey into the world of trading and his relentless pursuit of financial freedom. With over a decade of experience, Ahmad shared his valuable insights and strategies and offered words of encouragement for aspiring traders.

Ahmad’s trading journey began in 2011 when he was just a teenager at the age of 18 or 19. He entered the trading world with limited resources and faced steep learning curves. In those early years, finding mentors or affordable education was a challenge, so he embarked on a self-study journey.

TFT Exclusive Interview with Ahmad

“I did my own trading after a few months of studying,” Ahmad explained. “But at first, it was not resistant, and I lost so much money.” Despite initial setbacks, he persisted and gradually honed his skills.

One of Ahmad’s most significant challenges was achieving consistency in his trading. He emphasized that traders must adapt strategies to their personal characteristics. He stated, “Not everyone is suitable to use the same technique; everyone has different levels of patience, time, and emotions.”

Despite facing substantial losses, Ahmad persisted and learned from his mistakes. It took him over three years to fully recover from these setbacks, but his determination paid off.

Ahmad shared insights into his trading style, which is characterized by a scalping or swing strategy, depending on the market conditions and setup. His risk management approach involves allowing only 5% of his equity to be used in a single trading day.

He explained, “When I profit, I use the profit to make it double or triple. If I profit 2,000, I can lose several thousand like that.” This dynamic approach to risk management aligns with his goal of financial freedom.

During the interview, Ahmad provided a glimpse into his trading strategy. He uses Bollinger Bands with specific settings to identify potential trade setups. When a candle closes outside the Bollinger Bands, he waits for a confirming candle to establish an entry point. His stop loss and take profit are set at double the distance of the stop loss.

Key Points

  • Ahmad began trading at 18 in 2011, self-taught due to limited resources.
  • Despite early losses, he persevered, refining his skills over time.
  • Ahmad adapts strategies to individual traits, recognizing not all techniques work for everyone.
  • He limits daily risk to 5% of equity, using profits to scale positions.
  • Ahmad relies on Bollinger Bands, entering trades when candles close outside the bands, with stop losses and taking profits set at double the distance of the stop loss.

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