Successful Trader Shivka Reveals Journey in TFT Interview

In an exclusive interview with TFT, renowned trader Shivka from Australia shares insights into his trading journey, shedding light on the challenges.

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In an exclusive interview with TFT, renowned trader Shivka from Australia shares insights into his trading journey, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs that have shaped his success.

Shivka, a dedicated trader since 2019, entered the world of trading in search of a flexible work-from-home opportunity to spend more time with his family, particularly his newborn son. What started as a quest for financial freedom soon evolved into a profound journey of self-discovery within the dynamic world of trading.

Successful Trader Shivka Reveals Journey in TFT Interview

The trader emphasized the initial struggles and mental toll experienced by all traders, describing the early stages as a “complete mess.” The interview delves into the psychological aspects of trading, highlighting the importance of mastering emotions and developing a resilient mindset. Shivka shared personal experiences and discussed the necessity of journaling emotions to identify triggers and improve emotional control.

Reflecting on failures, Shivka revealed that one of his major realizations was the need to focus on the psychological aspect of trading rather than just the methodology. He emphasized the four stages of trader development, stressing the importance of reaching the stage of being subconsciously competent.

Addressing the technical aspects of his trading, Shivka disclosed his preference for simplicity. He outlined his strategies, particularly focusing on trading consolidation and price correction. As a scalper in the US session, Shivka provided insights into his risk management approach, aiming not to lose more than 2% initially and gradually adjusting based on account growth.

When asked about the impact of trading on his life, Shivka shared that trading was a catalyst for self-discovery. He emphasized that trading revealed his true self, leading to personal growth and improved self-awareness.

Key Points

  • Trading since 2019, Shivka sought a work-from-home life for their family, evolving into a journey of self-discovery and self-discovery.
  • Describing the initial stages as a “complete mess,” Shivka dives into the psychological challenges of trading.
  • Shivka stresses mastering emotions and advocating for journaling to enhance emotional control.
  • Reflecting on failures, he emphasizes focusing on the psychological aspect, detailing the four stages of trader development.
  • Shivka prefers simple trading, outlining strategies centered on consolidation and price correction.

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