Successful Trader Hassan Shares Journey with FundedNext 

In a recent exclusive interview, renowned trader Hassan Mohammed provided valuable insights into his trading journey on FundedNext.

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In a recent exclusive interview, renowned trader Hassan Mohammed provided valuable insights into his trading journey on FundedNext. As a seasoned trader with a focus on gold and a strong background in the smart money concept, Hassan shared his strategies, experiences, and lessons learned.

Hassan emphasized the importance of psychological resilience in trading, stating, “They should focus more on psychology than the analysis because trading is more of a psychological battle than just the analysis.” He highlighted the significance of remaining durable under pressure, stressing that losses should not be viewed as the end but as part of the continuous learning process in the market.

The trader discussed his preferred trading pairs, notably GBP/USD, EUR/USD, JPY, and his most favored – gold. Hassan revealed that gold’s volatility and the abundance of setups make it his go-to pair, with an emphasis on day trading.

Successful Trader Hassan Shares Journey with FundedNext 

Detailing his trading approach, Hassan explained his reliance on the smart money concept and a high probability setup involving a change of characters, break of structure, and alignment with higher time frames. He further shared a specific trade setup, demonstrating his analysis and decision-making process on the FundedNext.

Addressing recent challenges, Hassan candidly discussed a psychological breakdown leading to the loss of an account. However, he underscored the importance of resilience, having taken a week to focus on self-improvement and emphasizing that “this is not the last analysis” and setbacks do not define one’s trading career.

Regarding his current FundedNext challenge, Hassan expressed satisfaction with the firm, praising its features, such as the 15% profit share during the challenge phases. He also commended FundedNext’s efforts to improve the trading experience, mentioning the addition of the MT5 web terminal.

Hassan provided advice to struggling traders, encouraging them to persevere and prioritize psychological strength. He praised FundedNext for its overall performance and expressed contentment with the current features and updates.

Key Points

  • Hassan Mohammed shares insights on FundedNext in an exclusive interview.
  • Hassan highlights the importance of psychological resilience in trading.
  • His preferred pairs include GBP/USD, EUR/USD, JPY, and gold, with a focus on day trading.
  • Detailing his approach, Hassan relies on the concept of smart money and high-probability setups.
  • Despite recent challenges, Hassan praises FundedNext’s features and offers advice to struggling traders.

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