Successful Part-Time Trader Santi Shares Insights with The 5%ers

Santi, a $60K High-stakes funded trader, discloses trading strategies, mental strength, and key moments in his journey with The 5%ers.

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In a recent interview with The 5%ers, Santi, a part-time trader, shared his experiences, strategies, and achievements while trading with the prop firm. Having earned $2378.92, Santi’s next mission is to reach a 10% profit to scale his High-stakes account to $70K.

Santi attributes his mental and psychological strength to his unwavering commitment to following his trading strategy. Regardless of a trade’s outcome, he maintains composure and detaches emotionally from the results. After closing trades, he actively engages in other interests, reinforcing a balanced approach to trading.

The 5%ers Trader Santi

Successful Part-Time Trader Santi Shares Insights with The 5%ers

Santi’s success in passing The 5%ers’ evaluation lies in the diversity of his trading strategies. His primary approach involves Eillot Wave, Trend Rider, Support and Resistance, and SMC (Smart Money Concept). The trader’s organizational skills and adherence to trading rules are heightened while trading with The 5%ers, in contrast to managing personal funds.

According to Santi, trading with The 5%ers instills a greater sense of organization and adherence to trading rules. He expresses satisfaction with his trading performance under The 5%ers’ platform, emphasizing the positive impact on his overall approach.

Santi advises newcomers to take their time, emphasizing the importance of patience and the gradual development of a solid trading strategy. The key, according to him, is to avoid rushing and putting undue pressure on oneself.

Santi credits his trading development to several online resources, including Forexfactory,, Finviz, and TradingView. These platforms have played a pivotal role in enhancing his market analysis and decision-making. Read the Blog here.

Key Points

  • Part-time trader Santi aims to turn $2378.92 into $70K, targeting a 10% profit with The 5%ers.
  • Santi’s strength lies in sticking to his strategy, staying composed after trades, and balancing trading with other interests.
  • Santi succeeds with The 5%ers by using varied strategies like Eillot Wave, Trend Rider, Support and Resistance, and SMC.
  • The 5%ers’ enhanced Santi’s organization and rules adherence, boosting overall satisfaction.
  • Santi advises patience, gradual strategy development, and avoiding rushed decisions for newcomers.

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