Rising Star Soumya Kiran Nayak Interview with FundedNext 

In a recent interview with FundedNext, Soumya Kiran Nayak, a 22-year-old dentistry scholar from India, shared his journey.

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In a recent interview with FundedNext, Soumya Kiran Nayak, a 22-year-old dentistry scholar from India, shared his journey through the dynamic realms of trading. Nayak, introduced to the trading world by a friend two years ago, shared his insights, focusing on his affiliation with FundedNext, a firm that has been instrumental in his burgeoning success.

Nayak’s trading endeavors primarily orbit around metals, with gold taking center stage, coupled with a selection of GBP pairs. During the interview, Nayak delved into his intricate strategy, highlighting the significance of psychological numbers and Fibonacci retracement in his decision-making process.

Rising Star Soumya Kiran Nayak Interview with FundedNext 

Central to Nayak’s approach is a disciplined risk management system, where he typically puts 1% to 2% of his account at stake. Emphasizing the virtues of patience and a robust psychological outlook, Nayak underscored their pivotal role in navigating the tumultuous trading waters.

FundedNext, the backdrop against which Nayak orchestrates his trades, received accolades for providing a transparent and accommodating environment. Nayak expressed contentment with the platform, noting his satisfaction as he successfully withdrew profits from his 6K account within a brief timeframe.

Furthermore, beyond his personal journey, Nayak extended advice to fellow traders, advocating for patience, self-confidence, and mental resilience. As Soumya Kiran Nayak continues to etch his narrative into the fabric of the trading world, his tale serves as a beacon of inspiration, illustrating the potential for success when paired with firms like FundedNext. The trading community awaits Nayak’s unfolding chapters with eager anticipation.

Key Points

  • Soumya Kiran Nayak, a 22-year-old dentistry scholar, discussed his trading journey with FundedNext.
  • Introduced to trading two years ago, Nayak credits FundedNext for his success in the dynamic trading landscape.
  • Nayak’s trading centers on metals, particularly gold, and select GBP pairs.
  • Nayak also follows a disciplined risk management system, risking 1-2% of his account, emphasizing patience and a strong mindset.
  • Moreover, Nayak commends FundedNext for its transparent environment, expressing contentment with successful profit withdrawals from his 6K account.

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