Price Action Trading with CADJPY- FundedNext Interview

In an exclusive interview with FundedNext, Aman, a seasoned trader from Tanzania, East Africa, shared insights into his successful journey.

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In an exclusive interview with FundedNext, Aman, a seasoned trader from Tanzania, East Africa, shared insights into his successful six-year trading journey. Aman specializes in the CAD JPY currency pair and relies on a unique pure price action strategy that has proven effective over the years.

Aman’s trading approach is distinguished by its reliance on pure price action, devoid of traditional indicators. His meticulous analysis centers on understanding CAD JPY’s behavior, particularly at turning points, enabling him to execute well-timed trades.

With a strategic focus on CAD JPY, Aman has honed his expertise, emphasizing a disciplined approach to identifying reversal signals, often manifesting on Tuesdays. This focused concentration allows him to capitalize on the nuances of the pair’s movements.

Price Action Trading with CADJPY- FundedNext Interview

Operating mainly within the New York session, Aman’s disciplined trading schedule involves aiming for at least one high-probability trade per week. His proficiency in CAD JPY dynamics and strategic timing have been key factors in his sustained success.

Aman’s technical analysis primarily revolves around the 15-minute chart, occasionally consulting the 4-hour chart for broader directional insights. He marks weekly highs and lows to identify potential reversal zones, contributing to his effective entry and exit strategies.

Aman generously shared insights from recent trades, providing practical examples of his methodology. His analysis included drawing zones for weekly highs and lows, showcasing his meticulous approach to trade execution.

Emphasizing the significance of backtesting, Aman has refined his strategy over multiple years, establishing a 1 to 2.5 risk-reward ratio. His risk management approach involves adapting risk based on the clarity of the market structure.

In conclusion, Aman DEA’s success in the dynamic forex trading landscape underscores the effectiveness of his disciplined approach and mastery of CAD JPY dynamics. 

Key Points

  • Aman, a seasoned trader, shared insights on his six-year success with CAD JPY in an exclusive FundedNext interview.
  • Aman’s pure price action strategy, focusing on well-timed CAD JPY trades, avoids traditional indicators.
  • Emphasizing a disciplined approach, Aman targets reversal signals in CAD JPY, often on Tuesdays.
  • Aiming for one high-probability trade weekly, Aman’s New York session focus leverages CAD JPY expertise.
  • Aman’s 15-minute chart analysis and backtesting contribute to effective entry and exit strategies.

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