Paul from Taiwan Achieves Success with The Funded Trader

In a recent interview with The Funded Trader (TFT), Paul, a skilled trader hailing from Taiwan, shared insights into his journey.

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In a recent interview with The Funded Trader (TFT), Paul, a skilled trader hailing from Taiwan, shared insights into his trading journey and impressive accomplishments. Underlining his success, Paul disclosed that he had turned a funded account of 200k into an extraordinary payout of nearly 50k.

The TFT interview delved into Paul’s background and the unique path that led him to trade. Paul revealed that his trading journey began around three to four years ago, coinciding with his study abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially drawn to options trading, Paul pivoted to Forex due to regional limitations. Since then, he has immersed himself in trading, dedicating almost every day to refining his skills.

Paul from Taiwan Achieves Success with The Funded Trader

Paul’s journey with TFT started in November, when he faced and triumphed over challenges, especially during a significant downturn in the gold market. He shared that his risk management strategy played a crucial role, with a meticulous approach to scaling in and out of trades. Notably, Paul highlighted his ability to pass the TFTevaluation phase in just one trade, showcasing his prowess in navigating the markets.

When questioned about his strategy, Paul emphasized a focus on supply and demand dynamics, day trading, and a preference for trading indices like NASDAQ and US30. Sharing insights into his risk management, Paul disclosed that he initially risks 1% during evaluation phases and scales down to 0.5% on the funded account. His strategic scaling approach involves treating each scaling position as a new trade, contributing to better risk management.

Throughout the interview, Paul stressed the significance of continuous learning, sharing that he had invested in numerous courses in his earlier years but found that much of the valuable information is freely available online. He also incorporated fundamental analysis into his trading approach.

 Key Points

  • Paul turned a 200k account into a 50k payout in a recent TFT interview.
  • Trading for 3-4 years, he shifted from options to Forex during the pandemic.
  • Joining TFT in November, Paul passed the evaluation phase with one trade.
  • His strategy focuses on supply and demand, day trading, and indices.
  • Emphasizing continuous learning, Paul values freely available online information.

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