Next-Level Trading: MyFundedFX Series of Updates & Initiatives

MyFundedFX is rolling out a series of updates and initiatives aimed at elevating its services and technological capabilities.

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MyFundedFX is rolling out a series of updates and initiatives aimed at elevating its services and technological capabilities. In a major development, the firm has collaborated with Blueberry Markets, making MetaTrader (MT) available for purchase through this platform. This move expands trading options for users, offering them greater flexibility in their investment strategies.

To address the concerns of users who are reluctant to transition from ThinkMarkets to DXTrade, MyFundedFXis providing an alternative by allowing them to switch to Blueberry Markets. A form has been provided for users to express their preferences. The migration process is set to kick off this week, with the firm cautioning users not to trade until the migration is completed, given the substantial nature of the operation. The migration process will distinguish between MT4 and MT5 users, ensuring a seamless transition.

Next-Level Trading: MyFundedFX Series of Updates & Initiatives

Next-Level Trading: MyFundedFX Series of Updates and Initiatives

MyFundedFX is actively engaged in developing its technological infrastructure, with a focus on cutting-edge solutions and trading stability. Platforms like CTrader and MatchTrader are currently in the works, reflecting the firm’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the trading industry.

Recognizing the growing demand for mobile trading, the firm is going to introduce DXTrade on both Android and iOS platforms in the near future. Moreover, TradingView Integration is underway across multiple platforms, including DXTrade, providing users with enhanced charting and analysis tools.

Also, MyFundedFX is in the process of obtaining its own fully regulated license, aiming to offer users the familiar MetaTrader experience while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. For U.S. customers, the firm is actively working to bring more platforms and consistency to the industry. The integration of TradingView with DXTrade is highlighted as a step towards providing enhanced functionalities to traders in the U.S. market. MyFundedFX’s continuous efforts underscore its dedication to providing a robust and innovative trading environment for its global user base.

Key Points

  • MyFundedFX partners with Blueberry Markets, expanding MetaTrader availability for users.
  • Users hesitant to shift from ThinkMarkets can switch to Blueberry Markets through a dedicated form.
  • Migration to Blueberry Markets starts this week, urging users to avoid trading during the process.
  • MyFundedFX focuses on technological advancements with platforms like CTrader and MatchTrader.
  • DXTrade will soon be accessible on Android and iOS, and TradingView Integration is underway for enhanced tools.

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