Mohammad Ali’s Prop Trading Interview with FundedNext

In a recent interview with FundedNext, experienced trader Mohammad Ali provided valuable insights into his trading strategy and experiences.

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In a recent interview with FundedNext, experienced trader Mohammad Ali provided valuable insights into his trading strategy and experiences.

Mohammad Ali, a trader hailing from Somalia and currently residing in Uganda, shared his journey and approach to trading during the interview. Despite facing challenges with documentation in his new country, Ali has been actively trading since May 2023, primarily focusing on Forex markets.

With a funded account of $15,000, Ali’s trading style revolves around a meticulous analysis of market structure, liquidity, and imbalances. He emphasized the importance of following the market’s higher time frames while entering trades based on five-minute intervals.

Navigating Challenges: Mohammad Ali’s Forex Interview with FundedNext

Ali’s strategy, rooted in the “Smart Money Concept” and influenced by ICT (Inner Circle Trader), involves identifying inducements and breaks in market structure to anticipate profitable trades. He meticulously waits for confirmation signals, often missing out on trades to ensure a high level of certainty.

When asked about risk management, Ali revealed a disciplined approach of risking only 1% of his account per trade, aiming for an average risk-reward ratio of 1:2. Despite occasional drawdowns, Ali maintains confidence in his strategy, attributing his success to diligent backtesting and continuous learning.

Expressing satisfaction with FundedNext’s services, Ali commended the platform for its reliability and supportive customer service. He expressed his eagerness to scale up his trading account in the future, aiming for larger opportunities with the firm’s assistance.

Key Points

  • Experienced trader Mohammad Ali shared valuable trading insights with FundedNext.
  • Despite challenges in Uganda, Ali has been trading Forex actively since 2023.
  • With a $15,000 funded account, Ali analyzes market structure meticulously.
  • Ali’s strategy, influenced by ICT, emphasizes confirmation signals for high certainty trades.
  • Ali praises FundedNext for reliability and plans to scale up with their assistance.

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