Mohamed Reveals Winning Strategies in FundedNext Interview

In an interview conducted by FundedNext, the accomplished trader Mohamed shared his journey to success and provided valuable insights.

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In an exclusive interview conducted by FundedNext, the accomplished trader Mohamed shared his journey to success and provided valuable insights into his trading strategies and risk management. With a wealth of experience and a proven track record, Mohamed’s expertise has become a valuable resource for both aspiring and experienced traders.

Hailing from a diverse background with origins in Syria and Romania, Mohamed has established himself as a well-respected figure in the trading community. Currently residing in the northern city of Italy, Mohamed has made a remarkable transition from working at a delivery company to becoming a full-time trader, achieving considerable success along the way.

Mohamed Reveals Winning Strategies in Exclusive FundedNext Interview

One of the keys to Mohamed’s success has been his partnership with FundedNext. He expressed his trust in the firm’s support team and highlighted the Ultimate Stellar account challenge as a pivotal factor in his achievements. Mohamed particularly values the flexibility and absence of time constraints that the Stellar account offers, making it an ideal choice for his trading style.

When it comes to his trading preferences, Mohamed emphasizes his affinity for trading during the Asian session due to its reduced volatility. This preference aligns with his scalping strategy, where he aims to capitalize on smaller price movements, often targeting gains of around 20 pips. While he primarily focuses on major FX pairs, Mohamed’s specialization extends to gold and pairs with W-D.

Mohamed’s location in Italy allows him to effectively trade during the Asian session, starting at 1:00 a.m. New York Time. This period is conducive to his trading style, and he highlights the advantages of lower volatility during this time, which aligns with his penchant for smaller, calculated trades.

Here is the full Interview:

Key Points

  • Accomplished trader Mohamed shared trading insights in an exclusive FundedNext interview.
  • Mohamed’s diverse background also spans Syria, Romania, and his success story in Italy.
  • FundedNext’s support and the Ultimate Stellar account are crucial to Mohamed’s success.
  • Mohamed prefers trading in the Asian session for reduced volatility and employs scalping strategies.
  • He also relies on support and resistance, Fibonacci levels, and strict risk management to sustain his trading success.

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