Jalen Reveals Winning Strategy- The Funded Trader Interview

In an exclusive interview with Jalen Bertrand, a 23-year-old trader from Florida, TFT delves into his extraordinary journey in trading.

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In an exclusive interview with Jalen Bertrand, a 23-year-old trader from Florida, The Funded Trader (TFT) delves into his extraordinary journey in the trading world, marked by determination, learning curves, and triumphs. Jalen, who operates with the firm “The Funded Trader,” shares insights into his trading strategy, the challenges he overcame, and the lessons he learned on his path to financial success.

During college, Jalen discovered the world of trading when a chance conversation introduced him to the concept. However, it wasn’t until after facing highs and lows and a pause in his trading journey that he fully committed to the craft. With a passion for an above-average lifestyle, Jalen found inspiration in relating stock market principles to his earlier interest in sneakers and fluctuating market prices.

Jalen Bertrand Reveals Winning Strategy- The Funded Trader Interview

Jalen’s journey involved initial mentorship and exploring various trading patterns. However, it was through joining circles of dedicated traders, including those influenced by Inner Circle Trader (ICT) concepts, that he found his niche. The discovery of fair value gaps and the adoption of the Silver Bullet model became pivotal elements in his evolving trading strategy. The 2022 mentorship program further refined his approach, leading to newfound success.

Through years of experience, Jalen emphasized the importance of understanding ICT concepts. He acknowledged the struggles with psychology and risk management, particularly overcoming the mindset that 1% risk was too conservative. Ultimately, finding consistency with a specific model and sticking to it proved a turning point in his trading career.

Jalen credits books like “Trading in the Zone” for helping him navigate the psychological aspects of trading. Shifting his mindset to view losses as probabilities and mastering risk management allowed him to trade confidently.

Jalen shared an example of his recent trade in INQ. He highlighted key aspects such as the breakdown after a pushup, identifying breakers or mitigations, and utilizing gaps for strategic entries. The emphasis was on analyzing various time frames to make informed predictions.

Key Points

  • Jalen Bertrand started trading in college, inspired by a chance conversation and a commitment to an above-average lifestyle.
  • Jalen refined his strategy with Inner Circle Trader (ICT) concepts, fair value gaps, and the Silver Bullet model for newfound success.
  • Mastery of risk management and a mindset shift helped Jalen navigate psychological challenges early in his trading career.
  • “Trading in the Zone” shaped Jalen’s trading mentality, focusing on percentages for confident decision-making.
  • Jalen exemplified his approach in a recent INQ trade, emphasizing breakdown analysis and strategic entry points across multiple timeframes.

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