Italian Trader, Artem Overcomes Challenges – The5%ers Interview!

In a recent interview with The5%ers, an Italian trader, Artem, opened up about his journey toward becoming a full-time trader.

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In a recent interview with The5%ers, an Italian trader, Artem, opened up about his journey toward becoming a full-time trader. Working in a factory for over 10 hours a day to provide for his family, he expressed his dedication to transitioning into a career he is truly passionate about.

The trader began his trading journey in January 2017 with a modest capital, charging 100 euros per month. Initially lacking a clear strategy, he experimented with various indicators and followed YouTube channels for guidance. However, the evolving market dynamics and a reluctance to refine his strategy hindered his success.

In 2023, he underwent a transformative shift in his approach. Abandoning most indicators, he adopted a more analytical and personal strategy. His trading decisions are now based on daily analysis, allowing him to adapt to market changes promptly. This shift marked a turning point in his trading career.

The5%ers Interview Artem

Italian Trader, Artem Overcomes Challenges – The5%ers Interview

The trader candidly shared two major challenges he faces: inconsistent risk management and managing psychological aspects. Occasionally, not respecting his stop-loss and succumbing to emotional stress proved to be significant hurdles.

To address these challenges, he emphasized the importance of adapting risk management to his trading personality. Understanding the limitations of the capital provided by the prop firm, he limits his risk to 2-5% of the amount he can afford to lose. This strategic adjustment aims to mitigate the impact of emotional decision-making and ensure a more disciplined approach to risk.

One pivotal moment in his trading career occurred this summer when he discovered the power of analyzing real market volume. Investing in a futures trading platform provided him with access to order flow and the Depth of Market (DOM). This revelation allowed him to observe market nuances that many traders overlook, giving him a competitive edge.

The trader acknowledges that the initial investment in the platform was substantial, but the returns in terms of market insights and improved decision-making have proven invaluable.

As he continues to refine his approach and address personal weaknesses, the Italian trader remains optimistic about achieving his dream of becoming a full-time trader. With a newfound understanding of risk management and enhanced market analysis capabilities, he believes that this year might be the turning point where he can transition into a life driven by trading.

Key Points

  • Italian trader Artem, in an interview with The5%ers, shares his journey to full-time trading.
  • Starting in 2017 with limited capital, he experimented with indicators but faced challenges in market dynamics.
  • In 2023, he transformed his approach, abandoning most indicators for a more analytical strategy.
  • Artem discusses challenges in risk management and psychology, emphasizing adaptation and discipline.
  • A pivotal moment came as he invested in a futures platform, gaining valuable market insights.

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