Interview Insights: FundedNext Trader Debanjan Masters the Forex Market

In a recent interview, Debanjan, a trader associated with FundedNext, provided valuable insights into his trading journey.

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In a recent interview, Debanjan, a trader associated with FundedNext, provided valuable insights into his trading journey and strategies. Hailing from Kolkata, India, Debanjan has been actively involved in trading for nearly three years, with a recent streak of profitability over the past six to seven months.

Specializing in intraday trading, Debanjan primarily focuses on the GBP/USD currency pair, employing a unique blend of strategies drawn from various sources, including ICT Supply Demand and his personalized approach to market analysis. His method revolves around meticulous analysis of daily, weekly, and monthly closing prices, emphasizing the importance of higher timeframe data.

Insights from an Interview: FundedNext Trader Debanjan Masters the Forex Market

During the interview, Debanjan showcased his trading approach, highlighting the significance of level-based and direction-based analyses. He elaborated on his process of identifying key price rejection levels and monitoring momentum shifts, often leveraging fundamental factors like economic news to augment his trades.

Debanjan’s risk management practices, learned from prominent figures like Nick Sean, underscore his trading philosophy. He prioritizes managing downside risk over being consistently right, a strategy that has enabled him to maintain profitability despite a modest win rate.

His risk management strategy involves adjusting position sizes based on consecutive trade outcomes, ensuring he protects his capital while capitalizing on favorable market movements. Additionally, Debanjan actively manages his trades, dynamically adjusting stop-loss levels and occasionally adding to winning positions when market conditions align with his analysis.

While primarily trading the GBP/USD pair, Debanjan expressed plans to expand his portfolio to include the USD/CAD pair, backed by thorough fundamental research on the Canadian dollar.

Reflecting on his experience with FundedNext, Debanjan praised the firm’s support and trading environment, citing a seamless transition from personal trading to funded trading.

Key Points

  • Debanjan, associated with FundedNext, shared his trading journey and strategies in a recent interview.
  • Specializing in intraday trading, he focuses on the GBP/USD pair, blending various strategies.
  • During the interview, he emphasized meticulous analysis of closing prices and leveraged fundamental factors.
  • Debanjan prioritizes risk management and learns from experts like Nick Sean, ensuring profitability despite a modest win rate.
  • Reflecting on his experience, he praised FundedNext’s support and plans to expand his trading portfolio.

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