Inside the Interview: Ibukun Thriving at FundedNext

In a candid conversation with FundedNext, Ibukun Omojola, a dedicated Computer Engineering student, shared insights into his trading career.

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In a candid interview with FundedNext, Ibukun Omojola, a dedicated Computer Engineering student, shared insights into his trading career and strategies that have propelled him forward. Here’s an exclusive look into his journey, challenges, and triumphs in the world of trading.

Ibukun Omojola embarked on his trading journey in January last year, focusing primarily on gold trading. Despite his relatively short tenure, Ibukun’s disciplined approach and strategic mindset have already garnered attention within the trading community.

Ibukun employs a meticulous strategy known as Zone Frequency and Recency, centered around identifying and leveraging support and demand zones. He meticulously marks highs and lows on the four-hour timeframe and waits for confirmation on the one-hour chart before executing trades. This method, combined with strict adherence to a 1:3 risk-reward ratio, forms the backbone of his trading success.

Inside the Interview: Ibukun on Trading Gold and Thriving at FundedNext

Flexibility is key to Ibukun’s trading approach. He actively monitors and trades during London and New York sessions while also capitalizing on opportunities in Asian and Sydney markets. This adaptability allows him to capitalize on market volatility and maximize trading opportunities across different time zones.

Ibukun expressed satisfaction with FundedNext, highlighting their robust customer support and efficient payout system. He commended the platform for its reliability, particularly during volatile market conditions, and emphasized the importance of responsive customer service in his trading journey.

To aspiring traders seeking funding, Ibukun offered pragmatic advice: “Stay disciplined and follow your trading plan rigorously. There are no shortcuts to success. Trust your strategy, manage your risks effectively, and the results will follow.”

Ibukun Omojola’s journey exemplifies resilience, discipline, and a steadfast commitment to mastering the art of trading. His insights into strategy development and risk management serve as valuable lessons for traders at all stages of their careers. 

Key Points

  • Ibukun Omojola, a Computer Engineering student, discussed his trading career with FundedNext.
  • Starting last January, Ibukun focused on gold trading with a disciplined approach.
  • His strategy, Zone Frequency and Recency, centers on precise market analysis.
  • Ibukun trades flexibly across global sessions to optimize market opportunities.
  • He praised FundedNext’s support and advised aspiring traders on disciplined trading.

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