In-Depth Interview: Samuel Shares Wisdom with FundedNext

In an illuminating interview, Samuel Salazar, a seasoned trader affiliated with FundedNext, shared his trading approach.

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In an illuminating interview, Samuel Salazar, a seasoned trader affiliated with FundedNext, shared the intricate workings of his trading approach. Hailing from Guatemala, Salazar’s diverse background as an electronic engineer and college educator adds depth to his perspective in the trading arena.

With over eighteen months of trading experience, Salazar has honed his craft, focusing primarily on the dynamic world of gold trading. His methodology, he reveals, leans towards swing trading, marked by a strategic interplay of intraday maneuvers and partial profit-taking. Notably, Salazar underscores the paramount importance of risk management, adhering to a stringent policy of capping risk at no more than 1% per trade.

In-Depth Interview: Samuel Shares Trading Wisdom with FundedNext

In dissecting his trading strategy, Salazar elucidates a fusion of ICT and smart money principles, which he finds symbiotic to his style. He illustrates his insights through a recent gold trade analysis, providing a vivid narrative of his decision-making process.

Reflecting on his association with FundedNext, Salazar acknowledges the firm’s strengths while offering constructive feedback. He lauds the intuitive dashboard design but advocates for potential enhancements, including integration with TradingView for a seamless trading experience.

However, beyond the technicalities of trading, Salazar delves into the realm of mindset—an oft-overlooked facet of trading success. He imparts invaluable wisdom on cultivating resilience and mental fortitude, citing literary works such as Mark Douglas’s “Trading in the Zone” and Brian Tracy’s “If You Believe You Believe” as indispensable resources for personal development.

Key Points

  • Samuel Salazar, a seasoned trader with FundedNext, shared insights into his trading approach.
  • With a background in engineering and education, Salazar brings a unique perspective to trading.
  • Salazar emphasizes risk management and focuses primarily on gold trading in his strategy.
  • He blends ICT and smart money principles to inform his trading decisions effectively.
  • Reflecting on his experience, Salazar advocates for the firm’s enhancements while stressing the importance of mindset in trading success.

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