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Veasna Puch, a talented trader from Cambodia, has taken the trading world by storm with his extraordinary journey of passion, determination, and relentless commitment to mastering the art of trading. FundedNext shared yet another interview of the series Meet the Trader with another Trader, Veasna Puch. With FundedNext’s backing, Puch has achieved an impressive profit of $102,941.00 while flourishing in the UK trading scene for the past six months.

Originally from Cambodia, Veasna Puch’s aspiration for success led him to relocate to the UK, where he has resided for the past three years. During this time, he dedicated himself to the trading world, honing his skills and developing a deep understanding of the financial markets.

FundedNext recognized Veasna’s potential and provided him with crucial support. With the advantage of “No Time Limit” and a generous 15% profit share, Veasna could focus entirely on trading without undue pressure.

Meet the Traders Episode 30, Interview with Veasna Puch- FundedNext Trader

Veasna has perfected his trading sessions as a full-time day trader, skillfully navigating the London and New York trading hours. His strategic approach includes positioning trades around impactful news events, leveraging their potential for lucrative opportunities.

One key aspect that sets Veasna apart is his astute use of order blocks, allowing him to optimize profits effectively. This approach and his unwavering discipline have played a significant role in his trading success.

Veasna attributes some of his success to his decision to focus on a single trading instrument, allowing him to thoroughly understand its behavior and dynamics. Additionally, he relies on SMC indicators, which have proven reliable tools in his trading arsenal.

Maintaining an outstanding win rate of 65-75%, Veasna’s trading acumen is evident in his consistent and profitable trading performance. His ability to stay disciplined and follow a well-thought-out strategy has been instrumental in achieving such impressive results.

Throughout the interview, Veasna Puch offered valuable advice for aspiring traders. He emphasized the importance of patience, discipline, and continuous learning in successfully navigating the dynamic financial markets. His journey from stocks to forex exemplifies the adaptability and resilience necessary to thrive in the trading world.

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Key Points

  • Veasna Puch, a trader from Cambodia, finds success in the UK with FundedNext’s support.
  • He earned $102,941.00 profit within six months of funding.
  • Puch’s strategy involves optimizing trading sessions during London and NY hours and strategically positioning trades around news events.
  • He sticks to one instrument, uses SMC indicators, and maintains a 65-75% win rate.
  • Puch’s journey from stocks to forex offers valuable trading strategy and discipline advice.

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