FundedNext Trader Ismael Soyemi Shares Trading Insights!

In a recent exclusive interview, Ismael Soyemi, a part-time Trader from London associated with the prop trading firm FundedNext.

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In a recent exclusive interview, Ismael Soyemi, a part-time Trader from London associated with the prop trading firm FundedNext, provided valuable insights into his trading journey and strategies.

Ismael began trading in 2020 and faced initial challenges, like many traders. Starting with a signals group, he soon realized the limitations and decided to learn to trade independently. Despite early setbacks, he persevered and learned from the experience.

As an employee working in logistics for a Premier League Football Club alongside his trading endeavors, Ismael emphasized the importance of learning from losses. He acknowledged the necessity of going through a period of financial setbacks, viewing it as a crucial part of the trading journey.

FundedNext Trader Ismael Soyemi Shares Trading Insights!

Ismael mainly focuses on trading the Euro and the Pound, adopting a strategy centered around the concept of premium and discount. He highlighted the significance of concentration on fewer currency pairs, allowing for better focus and understanding of market movements.

A day trader, Ismael primarily operates during the London session, recognizing it as a key period for potential high or low daily points. He described his preferred time frame as a combination of higher time frames like H12 and H4 for analysis, with entry and execution typically on the five-minute chart.

During the interview, Ismael generously shared a live trade setup on the Dollar Index four-hour chart, providing insights into his analysis based on smart money concepts. He emphasized the importance of identifying premium and discount levels and waiting for liquidity to be taken before entering trades.

Ismael credited his improvement to his association with the trading group Offshore Keys, which incorporates ICT (Inner Circle Trader) concepts. He also highlighted the psychological aspect of trading, stating that 70% of success is attributed to mastering one’s psychology.

Regarding his trading platform, Ismael expressed satisfaction with FundedNext, citing minimal slippage and reliable order execution. He particularly commended the firm for its transparency and adherence to set stop-loss and take-profit levels.

Key Points

  • London trader Ismael Soyemi, linked with FundedNext, shares insights into his journey and strategies.
  • Despite initial setbacks, Ismael, who has been trading since 2020, emphasizes the value of independent learning.
  • Working in football logistics, he sees financial setbacks as integral to the trading journey.
  • Focused on the Euro and Pound, Ismael stresses the importance of fewer currency pairs.
  • Operating during London sessions, Ismael credits Offshore Keys and values FundedNext’s transparency and reliability.

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