FundedNext Trader interview with Gursant, who made $1,459!

In an exclusive interview, Gursant Singh, a part-time trader based in India, provides valuable insights into his journey with FundedNext.

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In an exclusive interview, Gursant Singh, a part-time trader based in India, provides valuable insights into his journey with the firm FundedNext. Gursant shares his trading strategies, risk management techniques, and the steps he took to secure funding through the platform, serving as an inspiration for aspiring traders worldwide.

Gursant Singh hails from Chandigarh, India, and works as an SAS administrator for a Norwegian-based MNC organization. His trading journey began three years ago in the forex markets, initially focusing on major currency pairs. However, Gursant diversified his trading portfolio over time to include assets like Dow Jones, NASDAQ, gold, and other majors. His trading style revolves around higher timeframes, aligning with his part-time availability, as he draws support and resistance levels on daily charts and waits for price confirmation before entering trades.

FundedNext Trader interview with Gursant Singh

After passing both phases of FundedNext’s evaluation program within approximately one and a half months, Gursant received a funded trading account. He shares his early success, having already withdrawn funds three times, emphasizing that it’s just the beginning of his journey. He acknowledges the importance of adhering to the platform’s rules and regulations, steadily gaining confidence as he becomes more accustomed to trading with a funded account.

Gursant’s trading strategy is meticulous and rooted in a multi-timeframe analysis approach. He marks key support and resistance levels and reads price action to determine entry and exit points. 

He emphasizes the importance of trading during the U.S. session due to its high volatility, aligning with his part-time availability. Gursant also monitors news events related to GBP during the UK session, recognizing their potential impact on his trades.

Gursant’s risk management strategy is based on a strict rule of not risking more than 1% of his trading account on any single trade. This disciplined approach is backed by the use of stop-loss and take-profit orders, ensuring a proper risk-reward ratio of at least 1:2 or higher.

Here is the full Interview:

Key Points

  • Gursant Singh, a part-time trader from India, shares insights on his journey with FundedNext in an exclusive interview.
  • He diversifies his trading portfolio to include assets like Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and gold, with a focus on higher timeframes.
  • Gursant’s success in FundedNext’s evaluation program has allowed him to withdraw funds three times from his funded trading account.
  • His trading strategy centers on support and resistance levels, emphasizing trading during the U.S. session and monitoring GBP-related news during the UK session.

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