FundedNext Trader Esther Chioma Shares Success Story!

In an exclusive interview with FundedNext trader Onwuemene Esther Chioma, she opened up about her journey into the trading world.

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In an exclusive interview with FundedNext trader Onwuemene Esther Chioma, she opened up about her journey into the world of trading and the strategies that led to her success. Hailing from Nigeria, 19-year-old Esther has been actively trading for nearly two years, delving into the crypto and Forex markets.

Esther, funded by three prop firms, including FundedNext, shared insights into her trading approach. She emphasized the importance of patience and waiting for high-probability setups before executing trades. Esther follows a demand and supply strategy, focusing on zones that meet her criteria of high probability.

When asked about her preferred trading pairs and sessions, Esther revealed her experience with EUR/USD and highlighted the effectiveness of trading AUD and GBP during the London and New York sessions. She also discussed the significance of analyzing demand and supply zones and the necessity of high-probability criteria.

FundedNext Trader Esther Chioma Shares Success Story!

Esther credits her success to her dedication to continuous improvement. She emphasized the importance of backtesting and learning from missed entries, sharing her journey of refining strategies to align with different currency pairs. Esther mentioned her affiliation with the ICT concept, which significantly contributed to her trading knowledge and success.

Also, with a disciplined approach, Esther maintains a healthy risk-reward ratio, often achieving a minimum of 1:5 risk-reward on her trades. She stressed the need for adaptability, as not every strategy works for every pair, and successful trading requires thorough backtesting and adjustments.

Furthermore, reflecting on her introduction to trading, Esther disclosed that a Ponzi scheme in 2020 led her to explore the world of crypto trading. Later, in 2021, financial challenges in school brought her to affiliate marketing, where she discovered a testimonial about turning $3 into $9,200 using the ICT concept. Esther seized an opportunity to enroll in the course during a discount period and has been using ICT principles ever since.

FundedNext trader Onwuemene Esther Chioma expressed satisfaction with the firm’s services, highlighting the quick support and the newly improved dashboard. She shared her recent achievements, revealing that she is up $186 in just four days with a funded amount of $15,000 in the current cycle.

Key Points

  • FundedNext’s Esther Chioma shares her two-year trading experience in crypto and Forex.
  • Esther stresses patience and high-probability setups in her trading strategy.
  • Esther succeeds with EUR/USD, AUD, and GBP during London and New York sessions, focusing on key zones.
  • Esther attributes her success to constant improvement, backtesting, and ICT principles.
  • Esther, satisfied with FundedNext, notes quick support, an improved dashboard, and recent gains of $186 with $15,000 in the current cycle.

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