FundedNext Trader Damilola Interview- A tale of skill & strategy!

In an exclusive trader interview, Damilola Adekoya, a highly successful trader affiliated with FundedNext.

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In an exclusive trader interview, Damilola Adekoya, a highly successful trader affiliated with FundedNext. Adekoya, also known as “E” in the trading community, shared insights into his trading journey and strategies that have led to his remarkable success.

Adekoya, hailing from Nigeria, has been actively trading for approximately three years and is dedicated to day trading with FundedNext. He expressed a fondness for the London session but emphasized that his trading method isn’t strictly tied to specific timing.

When asked about his preferred assets, Adekoya revealed his passion for trading gold, citing it as his favorite pair due to its volatility. Despite the interviewer’s attempt to delve into the specifics of his trading strategy, Adekoya maintained secrecy, alluding to a confidentiality agreement from a strategy course.

FundedNext Trader Damilola Interview- A tale of skill

FundedNext was praised for its well-established structure and excellent brokerage services. However, Adekoya suggested improvements in their customer care service, emphasizing the need for faster response times to emails and live chats.

The trader shared insights into his risk management approach, highlighting the importance of discipline and consistency. Adekoya revealed that he risks a constant 0.8% of his account per trade, maintaining minimal stop sizes. He stressed the significance of adhering to fundamental rules to avoid unnecessary risks.

During the interview, Adekoya showcased a recent trading dashboard from FundedNext, demonstrating a fresh $6,000 Stellar account. While he refrained from sharing specific details about his strategy, he provided glimpses into his risk-reward ratio, average trade duration, and other key performance indicators.

Adekoya’s trading style aligns with day trading, with an average trade duration of three to four hours. He admitted to occasionally trading news events, aligning his setups with market-moving events when they coincide with his strategy.

In conclusion, Adekoya expressed his contentment with FundedNext’s trading environment and platform, particularly praising their support for gold trading. As he embarks on a new cycle with a $6,000 Stellar account, Adekoya aims to scale up his trading activities with FundedNext.

Key Points

  • Adekoya a successful FundedNext trader from Nigeria, has actively day traded for three years, favoring the London session.
  • He prefers gold for its volatility, hinting at a confidential strategy influenced by a course agreement.
  • While praising FundedNext, he suggests faster customer care responses.
  • Adekoya risks 0.8% per trade, emphasizing discipline and minimal stop sizes.
  • His day trading style, averaging 3-4 hours, occasionally involves news events. Content with FundedNext, he plans to scale up with a $6,000 Stellar account.

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