Funded Trading Plus introduces a new Premium Trader Program!

Funded Trading Plus has launched a new program, the Premium Trader program.

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Funded Trading Plus has made a thrilling announcement with the launch of its latest funding program, the Premium Trader program. Tailored to empower aspiring traders and accelerate their path to success, this new initiative offers many benefits and a clear way toward scaling up their trading accounts.

The Premium Trader program offers an exceptional opportunity for talented and ambitious traders to hone their skills, trade confidently, and achieve remarkable growth in their trading careers. With the support of Funded Trading Plus, traders can seize this chance to reach new heights in the financial markets.

Premium Trader Program- What is New about it?

The Premium Trader program comes with a unique scaling plan that sets it apart from traditional funding programs. Aspiring traders will be delighted to know that the only requirement to become eligible for scaling up their accounts is to reach a modest profit target of 10%. Unlike other programs, traders can make withdrawals from their accounts before scaling up, but they must maintain a minimum of 10% profit in the account to qualify for the scaling process.

Let us Explain!

Here’s an example of how the scaling process works: If a trader starts with an account balance of $100,000 and reaches a profit of $8,000, they can choose to withdraw a portion of the profits, leaving them with a new balance of $105,000. Upon further successful trading, their account balance reaches $113,000. Now, with a profit of $13,000 (10% of the initial balance), they become eligible to scale up. After scaling up, their account balance becomes $213,000, with a fixed drawdown limit of $200,000, enabling them to continue their growth journey.

What can you trade?

Traders in the Premium Trader program can explore various trading instruments, including forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. The diversity of trading options allows traders to experiment and find their niche, increasing their chances of success.

Profit Targets for Premium Trader Program

The program sets specific profit targets for different phases of evaluation. Phase 1 requires traders to achieve an 8% profit target, while Phase 2 demands a 5% profit target. Once traders meet these targets, they can move forward in their evaluation process, withdraw profits, or even scale up their accounts.

Premium Trader Program Trading Rules

The Premium Trader program includes strict limits on maximum daily losses to ensure responsible risk management. Traders are restricted from exceeding a daily loss of 4%, ensuring they can maintain sustainable trading practices. Additionally, a maximum trailing drawdown of 8% helps traders avoid excessive risks during volatile market conditions.

For traders considering copy trading services or EAs, it is essential to be aware of the associated risks. Suppose a trader utilizes a copy trading service or an EA with a trading strategy already used by others. In that case, they might risk being denied a funded account or withdrawal if they exceed the maximum capital allocation rule.

Key Points

  • Funded Trading Plus launches the Premium Trader program, empowering aspiring traders.
  • The program offers a clear path to scale up trading accounts with a 10% profit target.
  • Traders can withdraw profits while maintaining a 10% profit to qualify for scaling.
  • Access to various trading instruments like forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Strict risk management with maximum daily losses of 4% and 8% trailing drawdown.

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