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In FT+ latest interview, they had the opportunity to speak with Rex from the USA.

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In FT+ latest interview, they had the opportunity to speak with Rex from the United States of America. Rex, the FT+ trader, embarked on his trading journey in 2019 and has since navigated the treacherous waters of the trading world. From falling victim to scams to blowing accounts, Rex’s path has been riddled with challenges and setbacks. However, his resilience and dedication have recently led him to achieve a remarkable feat—earning over $8,000 in profit on his $100,000 simulated funded account.

Rex’s journey began with aspirations of financial success, much like many aspiring traders. However, he quickly realized that trading was no walk in the park. His early trading endeavors were marked by substantial losses, with Rex admitting, “I was just looking at what other people were doing on social media. And it taught me a really important lesson that if you try and follow everybody else and replicate their journeys, you won’t be able to progress on your own journey.” His accounts bore the brunt of his learning curve, but Rex was undeterred.

FT+ Trader Rex Interview- Blowing Accounts & Falling For Scams To Becoming Withdrawing $8,000

Realization struck him hard, prompting a pivotal moment in his trading journey. After losing thousands of dollars, Rex decided it was time to take a step back, regain discipline, and seek the guidance of a mentor. He was fortunate enough to find a mentor just when he needed it the most. This mentorship provided Rex with crucial insights and the support he needed to refine his trading strategies.

When asked about his experience with funded trading programs, Rex revealed how he came across the opportunity. “I was tired of hearing about FTMO and My Forex Funds and the funded trader because I just felt like their rules were too obscure,” he explained. However, his skepticism changed when he discovered the straightforward rules offered by his current funded trading provider.

Entering the challenge phase, Rex found the experience intense but rewarding. With his newfound discipline and a well-defined trading strategy, he passed the challenge on his first attempt. He shared, “The cool thing about your rules and restrictions is that they really kept me disciplined.” This accomplishment marked a turning point in Rex’s journey.

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Key Points

  • FT+ interviewed Rex, a resilient trader from the USA.
  • Despite facing challenges and setbacks, Rex turned his fortunes around.
  • He learned the hard way, falling victim to scams and blowing accounts.
  • Rex’s journey underscores the importance of resilience and dedication.
  • Rex’s early attempts to copy others on social media led to substantial losses.
  • The realization prompted him to seek mentorship and regain discipline.

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