From Stock Fails to Forex Success- FundedNext Trader Margareta!

Margareta Dewi, who is based in Indonesia, recently shared her trading journey and strategies in an exclusive FundedNext trader interview.

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Margareta Dewi, who is based in Indonesia, recently shared her trading journey and strategies in an exclusive FundedNext trader interview. Having entered the trading world just a year ago, Margareta transitioned from stocks to Forex, seeking flexibility and profitability. Despite initial challenges, she has successfully navigated the complexities of the market.

Margareta elaborated on her decision to join FundedNext, a prop trading firm known for its affordability and positive reviews. After facing losses in personal trading, she saw FundedNext as an opportunity to test her skills and start afresh.

From Stock Fails to Forex Success- FundedNext Trader Margareta

Discussing her trading strategy, Margareta emphasized the importance of trend analysis and effective money management. She uses smart money concepts and indicators like ATR (Average True Range), starting with higher timeframes for trend identification and refining entries on lower timeframes.

Margareta acknowledged challenges as a part-time trader juggling work commitments and market fluctuations. She highlighted the necessity of emotional control during volatile periods and the importance of adapting to evolving market conditions.

A unique aspect of Margareta’s journey is her reliance on freely available resources, particularly YouTube, to learn about trading strategies and indicators. She stressed the effectiveness of indicators accessible to all traders and the ongoing learning process through various online platforms.

Looking ahead, Margareta envisions transitioning to full-time trading, expressing confidence in the potential within the industry. Her plans include developing a personalized strategy through rigorous backtesting and continuous skill refinement.

Key Points

  • Margareta Dewi, a trader from Indonesia, transitioned from stocks to Forex within a year for flexibility and profit.
  • After losses in personal trading, she joined FundedNext, an affordable prop trading firm, to test her skills.
  • Margareta’s strategy involves trend analysis, smart money concepts, and indicators like ATR on different timeframes.
  • Juggling work and trading, she emphasized emotional control during market volatility and adapting to changes.
  • Margareta relies on freely available resources, particularly YouTube, and aims to transition to full-time trading with a personalized strategy.

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