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The leading prop firm, Finotive Funding, has a range of innovative Challenge Accounts tailored to suit the unique needs of their traders. The company offers three distinct funding programs, providing aspiring traders various opportunities to kickstart their trading journey and showcase their talent.

Finotive Funding Challenge Accounts- Which one is for you?

The first option, the Two-Step Evaluation Program Accounts, aims to identify promising traders who display consistency and skill during a two-phase evaluation period. Traders are generously rewarded for their performance throughout this evaluation phase. Depending on the chosen account size, traders can access leverage ratios ranging from 1:100 up to 1:400, enabling them to maximize their potential gains.

For those looking for faster access to profits, Finotive Funding offers Instant Funding Program Accounts. Under this category, traders have two options.

  • The Standard Instant Funding Program Account.
  • The Aggressive Instant Funding Program Account.

The Standard Instant Funding Program Account allows traders to bypass the evaluation process and start earning immediately. Traders must adhere to the maximum daily loss limit of 5% and the maximum overall loss limit of 8%. In return, they can enjoy profit splits ranging from 55% to 75%, based on the profits generated while trading with a 1:100 leverage ratio.

Similarly, the Aggressive Instant Funding Program Account enables traders to forgo the evaluation phase and start earning immediately. However, traders must be mindful of the more stringent risk management measures, with a maximum daily loss limit of 10% and a maximum overall loss limit of 16%. Successful traders can expect profit splits ranging from 60% to 75% while trading with a 1:100 leverage ratio.

Do you want a More Straightforward Approach?

Finotive Funding‘s One-Step Evaluation Program Account offers an enticing option for traders seeking a more straightforward evaluation process. The aim is to identify skilled and dedicated traders during a single evaluation phase.

Depending on the chosen account size, leverage ratios from 1:100 up to 1:400 are available. To qualify for funding, traders must reach a profit target of 10% while adhering to strict daily loss limits of 4% and overall loss limits of 7.5%. Notably, there are no minimum or maximum trading day requirements for the evaluation account, streamlining the process for aspiring traders.

With its diverse range of Challenge Accounts, Finotive Funding continues to support traders in achieving their financial goals while providing a platform for showcasing their trading prowess.

Key Points

  • Finotive Funding introduces three distinct Challenge Accounts for traders.
  • Instant Funding Program offers two options, Standard and Aggressive, to start earning immediately.
  • The one-Step Evaluation Program streamlines the evaluation process with profit targets.
  • Different leverage options are available based on account size and risk management rules.

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