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Unlimited Days or Unlimited Retries. The choice is yours.

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Fidelcrest has returned with a series of remarkable revelations aimed at enriching the prospects of their valued traders. The company has unveiled a strong determination to augment the opportunities available to traders within its fold. What Fidelcrest brings to the table goes far beyond mere expectations – it represents a sophisticated trading platform that stands out for its exceptional performance. Moreover, the company has astutely recognized the rationale behind the widespread elimination of trading day limits by various proprietary trading firms. Fidelcrest announced an innovative response in the form of two distinctive choices- Unlimited Days or Unlimited Retries.

Fidelcrest Options Unlimited Days or Retries?

Enter the Fidelcrest New Options – New Add-ons. Fidelcrest is keen on avoiding any hindrance to traders who may wish to embark on a fresh trading journey. This conviction has led Fidelcrest to introduce not just a choice but two options exclusively for their discerning traders.

  • The first option entails Unlimited Trading Days. This grants traders the liberty to select an unrestricted number of trading days for successfully completing their evaluations. This novel approach allows traders to trade at their own pace, free from the constraints of deadlines. This immersive trading experience simulates real-world trading with one’s own capital. The decision to embrace Unlimited Trading Days also entails the removal of free retries. This shift aligns with the philosophy that affording traders the latitude to trade at their own tempo can potentially lead to more profitable outcomes, untethered by the pressure of a finite trading period.
  • The Second choice is Max 60 days – Unlimited Retries if under 2% drawdown choice. Traders encountering a loss between 0 and 2% during their trading period are granted a second opportunity to showcase their skills and recover from the drawdown. Both Phase 1 and Phase 2 evaluations accommodate this option, stipulating that a minimum of 80% of the 60-day timeframe must be designated as active trading days (equating to 48 trading days).

It is imperative to note that these pioneering options are classified as add-ons. It will be seamlessly accessible through the Trader Area during the selection of one’s trading program. This is significant, however, that these enhancements are exclusively applicable to new accounts, sparing existing accounts from their purview.

Key Points

  • Fidelcrest has exciting news for traders aiming to enhance their opportunities and experiences.
  • Traders can now select unlimited trading days, allowing them to trade at their own pace.
  • A second chance is introduced for traders facing a loss between 0 and 2% in Phase 1 and Phase 2 evaluations.
  • Fidelcrest’s new options cater to different trading styles, offering flexibility in evaluation periods.

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