Failure to Fortune- a TFT Interview with Arbaz!

TFT interview features a conversation between Ana and Arbaz Ansar, a successful trader.

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TFT interview features a conversation between Ana and Arbaz Ansar, a successful trader with only one year of experience who understands how to immerse yourself in your aspiration as a means to achieve your goals. Arbaz shares some of the experience he’s earned during his incredible journey, highlighting the most significant challenge being his early reluctance to integrate into forex. Arbaz explains how his time spent pursuing a career in health care led him to forex and eventually to TFT.

Failure to Success- Arbaz, a TFT Trader who made $70k!

As the interview continues, Arbaz gives a personal breakdown of his strategy, showing how he conducts his analysis on the 1-hour chart and only trades one pair, Gold. As the conversation continues, Arbaz advises new traders to try his strategy, play with it, get comfortable, and utilize the 15-minute, 5-minute, or wherever you feel comfortable. 

Arbaz’s trading journey began with the dream of making a significant income and achieving financial freedom from a young age. Starting as a 14-year-old, he explored various money-making opportunities, including e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and drop shipping, before stumbling upon the trading world.

Initially drawn to options trading, Arbaz dabbled in it, following signals and strategies from different sources. Unfortunately, the results were less than impressive, with losses and doubts creeping in. However, Arbaz was not one to back down from a challenge.

He continued researching and educating himself on trading concepts, market analysis, and various trading platforms. Following advice from experienced traders on TikTok and YouTube, Arbaz finally found his footing. He joined paid Discord communities, where he received valuable insights and learned from the experiences of successful traders.

TFT Interview- Arbaz’s Consistency and Commitment!

Despite many losses and self-doubt, Arbaz’s commitment to his goal never wavered. He decided to be transparent about his trading journey, posting his wins and losses on social media. This decision held him accountable and earned him a loyal following of traders who admired his honesty and determination.

“I knew I had to do this for myself and others who might be going through the same struggles,” Arbaz shared during an interview. “Being honest about my trading journey and showing the real process, rather than just the big wins, helped me stay focused and connected with the trading community.”

With renewed determination, Arbaz started analyzing charts and price action, gaining a deeper understanding of market movements. He honed his skills in Forex trading and learned the importance of support and resistance levels, as well as moving averages. Slowly but surely, his efforts started paying off.

Over time, Arbaz began experiencing consistent wins, celebrating the monetary gain and the sense of accomplishment that came with them. “I started to see patterns and predict price movements more accurately. It was a turning point for me,” he said.

Today, Arbaz has grown into a confident and booming trader, with his trading skills earning him impressive payouts. His story has inspired countless aspiring traders to keep pushing through tough times and to continue learning and growing in the trading world.

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Key Points

  • Arbaz Ansar, a successful trader with just one year of experience, shares his incredible journey and critical lessons learned.
  • Arbaz’s early reluctance to embrace forex trading was his biggest challenge, but he eventually found success.
  • As a 14-year-old, Arbaz explored various money-making opportunities before discovering the trading world.
  • Despite initial struggles with options trading, Arbaz’s commitment and transparency led to valuable insights and improved skills.
  • Today, Arbaz is a confident and profitable trader, inspiring others to persevere and learn from wins and losses.

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