Experienced Trader Program of FT+ – Why you should choose it?

Funded Trading Plus has shared its Experienced Trader Program benefits that are set to revolutionize the way traders approach the markets.

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Funded Trading Plus has shared its Experienced Trader Program benefits that will revolutionize the way traders approach the trading markets. This program, tailored to cater to both novice and seasoned traders, comes with a host of lucrative features, including:

  • Daily Drawdown Flexibility. Traders can experience daily drawdowns ranging from 3% to 4%, providing them with the latitude to manage their risk according to their unique trading strategies.
  • Generous Profit Split. At a 30% gain, traders can enjoy a remarkable 100% profit split, ensuring that their efforts are justly rewarded.
  • Affordable Product Cost. The program offers a significant reduction, enabling traders to access a $200,000 product for just $949.
  • Expert Advisor (EA) Trading Allowed. The program embraces EA trading, empowering traders to harness automation and algorithmic strategies.
Experienced Trader Program

Funded Trading Plus Experienced Trader Program- More Benefits

  • Weekend Holding Permitted. Unlike traditional trading platforms, the Experienced Trader Program allows traders to hold positions over weekends, enhancing flexibility in trading.
  • News Trading Freedom. Traders can engage in news trading without restrictions, taking advantage of market-moving events.
  • Weekly Payouts. traders can enjoy WEEKLY PAYOUTS.
  • No Stop Loss Requirement. Unlike many firms, this program does not impose a stop-loss requirement, giving traders greater autonomy in managing their positions.
  • Progressive Payouts. As traders reach milestones, they are entitled to progressively higher payout splits. At a 20% gain, a 90% payout split is unlocked, and a 100% payout split is achieved at a 30% gain.
  • Exceptional Growth Potential. Traders have the opportunity to double their trading account every 10%, with the potential to reach up to $2.5 million in capital.
  • Flexible Evaluation. The program features a one-phase evaluation process with no time limits, enabling traders to trade at their own pace and comfort.

Funded Trading Plus Program will empower traders of all backgrounds to thrive in the dynamic world of trading markets. The Experienced Trader Program puts the trader’s success and growth potential at the forefront of its design.

If you’re looking for an innovative and flexible trading opportunity with remarkable benefits, the Experienced Trader Program from Funded Trading Plus might be the game-changer you’ve been waiting for.

Key Points

  • Flexible risk management with daily drawdown options.
  • Generous profit sharing at a 30% gain.
  • Affordable access to a $200,000 product for $949.
  • EA trading and trading freedom, including weekend and news trading.
  • Exceptional growth potential with a chance to double your account and no time limits for evaluation.

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