Exclusive Interview with Evan, a Successful Trader from TFT

In an exclusive interview with TFT, they sat down with Evan, a successful trader who has navigated the challenges of the trading world.

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In an exclusive interview with TFT, they sat down with Evan, a successful trader who has not only navigated the challenges of the trading world but has also secured impressive payouts. Evan, who began his trading journey with $3,000-$4,000, now reveals his insights and strategies that have led him to over $40,000 in payouts.

Evan’s journey into trading started after high school, around the end of 2020. Initially skeptical after a minor loss, he rediscovered interest through the success stories of others. It wasn’t until two years ago that Evan began taking trading seriously, pushing himself to learn and grow consistently.

Evan started with Robinhood and leverage trading and switched to Forex after a brief period of demo trading. His transition from demo to live was driven by the belief that live capital enhances the learning process. Initially investing 75% of his $3,000-$4,000 savings, Evan faced early challenges, including losses in a signal-following group.

Exclusive Interview with Evan, a Successful Trader from TFT

Evan’s journey involved overcoming psychological barriers, particularly overattachment to trades and the desire for quick success. His risk management strategy deviates from the norm, relying on a confluency-like grade scale. Evan starts with 0.75-1% risk, adjusting it based on the confluences he observes. He doesn’t set a fixed max percentage per day but dynamically adjusts risk based on trade progress.

Focusing mainly on gold, Evan shared a recent trade example. Starting with a daily and weekly analysis to establish bias, Evan explained how he entered a sell position on the 4-hour chart. He showcased how he strategically loaded additional entries, emphasizing confluences and momentum.

Evan admitted his initial struggles with emotional trading, riding a rollercoaster of confidence and self-doubt. Over time, he honed his psychological approach, learning to detach emotions from trades and maintain a more stable mindset.

Key Points

  • Evan, a successful trader, shared insights into his journey and strategies during an exclusive interview with TFT.
  • Evan’s trading journey began after high school in 2020, fueled by interest and determination.
  • Transitioning from Robinhood to Forex, Evan believed live trading enhanced his learning process.
  • Evan’s risk management strategy, based on a confluency-like grade scale, involves dynamic adjustments based on observed confluences.

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