Exclusive Interview: Trader Shares Secrets with True Forex Funds

In a recent exclusive interview, True Forex Funds showcased the incredible journey of Bernd Skorupinski, a seasoned trader.

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In a recent exclusive interview, True Forex Funds showcased the incredible journey of Bernd Skorupinski, a seasoned trader and multi-asset specialist. Skorupinski, also known as Burn, has risen to prominence, managing over $4 million in funded accounts in Dubai and steering his own licensed investment consultancy.

Bernd Skorupinski’s career trajectory is nothing short of extraordinary. Originating from an engineering background, his innovative and out-of-the-box thinking led him to transition into trading. Today, he stands as a distinguished figure in the trading community, demonstrating consistent profits and managing substantial funds.

True Forex Funds has played a pivotal role in Skorupinski’s success. The firm has provided him with the platform to showcase his expertise, and he has become one of their top traders. Skorupinski’s achievements underscore the effectiveness of True Forex Funds in supporting traders to reach their goals.

Exclusive Interview: Trader Shares Trading Secrets with True Forex Funds

Skorupinski, who is the CEO of a licensed investment consultancy based in Dubai, emphasized the importance of acquiring skills and education in trading. His Online Trading Campus, a global initiative, serves as a beacon for aspiring traders, offering lifetime access to a social trading platform, live trading sessions, and comprehensive courses on multi-asset trading.

The interview delved into Skorupinski’s background, motivations, and the transformative impact trading has had on his life. His insights shed light on the mindset required for success in the trading profession.

True Forex Funds proudly acknowledges Skorupinski’s consistent profits and his significant contributions to the success of the firm. His success story serves as an inspiration for traders looking to navigate the complexities of the financial markets.

In a detailed discussion about the technical aspects of trading, Skorupinski highlighted his expertise in Futures contracts. He provided valuable insights into the rollover process, emphasizing the need for traders to understand market mechanics and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Key Points

  • Bernd Skorupinski, a seasoned trader with True Forex Funds, manages $4 million in Dubai and leads his investment consultancy.
  • True Forex Funds is pivotal to Skorupinski’s success, showcasing the firm’s support for traders.
  • In an interview, Skorupinski shares trading secrets, underlining the importance of skills and education.
  • Skorupinski, an ex-engineer, is a standout figure in the trading community with consistent profits.
  • Skorupinski’s role as CEO and his Online Trading Campus reflects his commitment to guiding traders.

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