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Learn how to scale your Maximum Drawdown with E8 Funding.

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E8 Funding, a leading prop trading firm, has unveiled its innovative Drawdown Scaling Plan, empowering traders to scale their Maximum Drawdown and maximize their trading potential. Now, the question is how to scale Maximum Drawdown. So, learn how to scale your Maximum Drawdown with E8 Funding. This feature offers traders the opportunity to withdraw profits from their funded trading accounts while simultaneously increasing their Maximum Drawdown by 1% with each successful withdrawal.

How to Scale Maximum Drawdown with E8?

The Drawdown Scaling Plan consists of four straightforward steps that allow traders to take control of their profits and trading strategy:

Step One. Convenient Withdrawal Requests

Traders can quickly initiate a withdrawal request through their trader dashboard when their funded trading account becomes eligible. This user-friendly feature ensures a seamless process for accessing earned profits.

Step Two. Timely Profit Split

Within a remarkable time frame of just 8 calendar days, traders will receive their first profit split, amounting to 80% of their earnings. Subsequently, traders will continue to receive bi-weekly profit splits, enabling them to reap the rewards of their successful trades.

Step Three. Reinvestment for Continued Growth

Following the profit split, E8 Funding will redeposit the withdrawn funds into traders’ accounts. Traders can then utilize the balance earned prior to the profit split to continue trading and capitalize on their momentum.

Step Four. Expanding Maximum Drawdown

Each successful withdrawal contributes to increasing the trader’s Maximum Drawdown by 1%. This gradual scaling allows traders to take on larger trades and potentially enhance their profit potential. The Maximum Drawdown incrementally caps at 14%, providing a safeguard against excessive risk-taking.

By implementing the Drawdown Scaling Plan, E8 Funding aims to foster a supportive and growth-oriented trading environment. Traders can harness their profits while expanding their risk tolerance over time, thereby creating a balance between capital preservation and capital growth.

E8 Funding continues to prioritize the success and well-being of its traders by offering innovative features and tools that empower them to achieve their financial goals. The Drawdown Scaling Plan reflects the firm’s commitment to driving excellence and providing traders with the necessary resources to succeed in the dynamic world of trading.

Key points

  • E8 Funding introduces Drawdown Scaling Plan for traders.
  • Traders can request withdrawals when eligible.
  • Timely profit splits – 80% in 8 days, then bi-weekly.
  • Withdrawn funds reinvested for continued trading.
  • Each successful withdrawal increases the Maximum Drawdown by 1%, capped at 14%.

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Disclaimer: Trading involves risk, and individuals should carefully consider their financial circumstances before participating in trading activities.

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