Darius Kelemen Shares Insights on Trading with TFT!

In an exclusive interview with TFT, Austrian trader Darius Kelemen delves into his four-year trading journey, sharing valuable insights.

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In an exclusive interview with TFT, Austrian trader Darius Kelemen delves into his four-year trading journey, sharing valuable insights, lessons learned, and the path that led him to success. Hailing from Austria, Darius opens up about his entry into the world of trading and the twists and turns that eventually shaped his successful trading career.

Darius discusses his initial exposure to trading through network marketing and the challenges he faced with trading signals and inadequate education. He describes a phase of copying signals and making significant profits but ultimately learning the hard way about the importance of understanding the market and proper risk management.

Darius Kelemen Shares Insights on Trading with TFT

As the interview unfolds, Darius sheds light on his learning process, emphasizing the significance of mentorship, community involvement, and continuous improvement. He explores various trading concepts, including supply and demand, smart money, and order blocks. Darius emphasizes the need to understand why certain trading concepts work and when they are most relevant.

Darius reflects on his “aha moment” in trading, emphasizing the need to comprehend the relevance of various trading concepts. He shares insights into the construction of the market, proposing that algorithms, rather than major banks, play a pivotal role in influencing price movements. Darius underlines the importance of backtesting and gaining confidence in A+ setups, aligning with concepts taught by ICT.

The interview takes a turn as Darius candidly discusses some of his significant failures, particularly the moments that led to substantial losses. He emphasizes the value of these failures in learning and mentions that, despite the pain, each failure has contributed to his growth as a trader.

Darius also talks about facing challenges, including losing funded accounts and his decision to join prop trading firms. He discusses the resilience required in trading, the willingness to embrace challenges, and the continuous learning process.

Key Points

  • Darius Kelemen shares four years of trading insights with TFT.
  • Learn from Kelemen’s struggles with network marketing signals, stressing the importance of market understanding and risk management.
  • The interview also highlights mentorship, community involvement, and key trading concepts for continuous improvement.
  • Kelemen uncovers his “aha moment,” emphasizing algorithmic influence and the importance of backtesting.
  • Kelemen discusses setbacks, emphasizing personal and professional growth in the face of trading challenges.

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