Choosing FundedNext- 12 Compelling Reasons!

FundedNext has shared 12 reasons why choosing them could be the best decision.

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In a game-changing move, FundedNext has shared 12 compelling reasons why choosing them could be the best decision for aspiring traders looking to take their trading career to new heights. FundedNext is committed to providing traders with the tools, support, and opportunities they need to succeed in an industry known for its challenges. With these 12 compelling reasons, FundedNext emerges as a beacon for aspiring traders seeking trading success and excellence.

Choosing FundedNext

Choosing FundedNext- 12 Compelling Reasons

Here are 12 reasons why it might be your best decision today!
Cutting Edge Stellar Challenge. The best challenge in the market with an 8% profit target and 10% overall drawdown. No other challenge comes even close!
No Time limit. Take as much time as you need with Stellar and Express to pass your challenges. Balance-Based Drawdown. There is no hidden trap of Equity-Based Drawdown. FundedNext always had a Balance-Based Draw-down and always will have.
15% Profit Share from the Challenge Phase. FundedNext gives you a 15% Profit Share from whatever you earn from the challenge phase!
Up to 90% Profit Split. Traders get to keep up to 90% of it!
Withdraw from the Challenge Phase. With an Express Account, you can withdraw profit before reaching the funded account! 

Free Professional Psychologist. The company onboarded a professional Trading Psychologist for our community! 
Bi-weekly Payouts. Suppose you need Bi-weekly payouts from the very beginning. Also, with Stellar 1-Step, the first payouts are from 2nd week!
Raw Spreads and Swap-Free Accounts. FundedNext provides Raw spreads even on swap-free accounts! 

The Biggest Monthly Trading Competition. Each month, the company arranges the best Trading Competition with a $30K Cash prize + 2.7 Million in Challenge Accounts as the prize! 

Funded Trader Leaderboard. You can simply trade on your funded account, rank in the leaderboard, and get cash prizes on top of your payout!
The Best Prop Trading Community. Join the most active Prop Discord ever! 

Key Points

  • FundedNext offers 12 compelling reasons for traders.
  • Stellar Challenge with an 8% profit target and 10% drawdown.
  • Flexibility with no time limits and balance-based drawdown.
  • Traders keep up to 90% of their profits and can withdraw early with Express Accounts.
  • Valuable resources like a Trading Psychologist and a vibrant Prop Discord community make FundedNextstand out.

Want to read about the firm? Click here.

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