Bespoke Funding Trader, Ausnair, Shares Journey into Trading!

In an exclusive interview with Bespoke Funding, trader Ausnair opens up about his remarkable journey into trading.

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In an exclusive interview with Bespoke Funding, trader Ausnair opens up about his remarkable journey into trading. Hailing from Canada and having spent a significant part of his life in Dubai, Ausnair provides insights into how his diverse experiences shaped his approach to trading.

Ausnair, who entered the trading scene in July 2020, divulged that his fascination with numbers and a background in finance laid the foundation for his interest in trading. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 allowed him to delve deep into learning the intricacies of trading.

“I took advantage of all my free time, which I never had before. I wanted to learn a skill I could use anywhere in the world, and trading made sense,” Ausnair explained.

His educational journey involved extensive research, including watching YouTube videos, reading books and articles, and enrolling in online courses. However, Ausnair emphasized the importance of a cautious start, initially opting for paper trading to grasp the nuances of the market and trading strategies.

Bespoke Funding Trader, Ausnair, Shares Inspirational Journey into Trading

“I wasn’t trading in the beginning; I was paper trading. I was just trying to understand the terminology and understand what was going on. And from there, I just kept improving,” he shared.

Ausnair acknowledged that the learning curve was not without challenges, recalling an initial setback where he lost everything in the first few weeks of real trading. Undeterred, he saw it as a crucial learning experience that shaped his subsequent successes. The trader highlighted how trading has transformed his financial outlook and played a pivotal role in shaping his character. Ausnair attributed newfound patience and humility to his trading journey, elements that have positively influenced his family life.

“I think trading made me so much more patient. You have to be humble because the minute you start thinking that you understand what’s going to happen in the market, you will get beat. So, it got me back to full circle,” he affirmed.

Bespoke Funding, the trading firm with which Ausnair is associated, provides a platform for traders to navigate financial markets and offers a supportive community for learning and growth. 

Key Points

  • Ausnair, associated with Bespoke Funding, shares insights into his trading journey in an exclusive interview.
  • Originally from Canada and with significant time in Dubai, diverse experiences shaped Ausnair’s trading approach.
  • Fascinated by numbers and with a finance background, he entered trading in July 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, utilizing his newfound free time.
  • Emphasizing a cautious start, Ausnair engaged in extensive research, including paper trading, to understand market nuances and refine strategies.
  • Transformative trading journey reshaped Ausnair’s financial outlook, instilling patience and humility and positively impacting family life.

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